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Her eyes widened, staring at the old wooden house from afar. It's looks were once comforting and welcoming. Now all that the eldest Kamado child saw was pain. She gracefully leapt down from the tree where she had perched herself. Her soft brown hair flowing freely behind her. Resting on her knee, she bowed her head out of respect. The corpses of her very own family laid in front of her. Tears quietly fell from her skin, the frozen cold air causing her cheeks to sting. Her mother and brothers were slaughtered, along with her sisters. Everyone had been dead, all together inside of their one warmly-lit mountain home.

Blood splattered all throughout it, not a single spot seemed clean. Cussing to herself as she let out a sob, the eldest turned away. It was merely daybreak, she had assumed her brother would return from his job down at the marketplace soon. Standing up properly, the girl bowed her head once again. Memories flashed through her mind, clenching her jaw. Her hand went up to her ear, where a singular earring was. It was identical to Tanjirou's. After their father had died, he gave one earring to each other his eldest. Ever since a child, Akiko was always by her father's side. He didn't care that she was not a son, he continued the plans he had for a firstborn male.

"One day, I will not be here to protect you, my dear Aki-chan. I want you to protect our family when I am too weak. I know that you can. You are my firstborn, you are my legacy." Her fathers sweet voice run throughout the field. She was the eldest, now of age to begin training. She was going to be a swordswoman for her family name.

"Why me? Tanjirou is your first son, shouldn't he be trained as your legacy?"

"He will. He has his own destiny to fulfill as well. You are my firstborn. It does not matter weither you are my daughter or my son. If Tanjirou were meant to be my legacy, he simply were to been born first." His softening smile made her feel at home. She nodded, bowing her head to her father.

"I will do my best, Father."

Now here she sat. Daybreak made it's way through the thick trees, as Akiko payed respects to her family. Her senses snapped, hearing loud and fast footsteps from below the peak of the mountain. Looking sadly again, her hand rested on her sword's sheath as she leapt back into the trees. She hid her presence easily, as her younger brother came stumbling up the mountain.

She watched from afar as he cried. He must have smelt the blood from many meters away. She couldn't help but close her eyes with a slight smile. He has a keen scent; Softness. He had a bright heart, able to impact many with no more than a smile. Determination radiated from his very soul, she could tell his presence was strong without needing to practice. His scent was a mix of amazing traits, it made her feel warm. It pained her that he never got to meet her. All he knew was that he was the eldest.

She opened her eyes again, to find him carrying Nezuko on his back. Tilting her head, she followed them through the trees, keeping her slight difference. She wanted to do everything in her power to protect her brother. She was always told to avoid them whilst training. Her family had died because she wasn't there, she wouldn't allow this to happen to Tanjirou as well.

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