The Tale of Sophie McDonald (Episode 13)

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Thronier Household

The camera opens up onto the familiar dark-bricked building of the Thronier Household. Conveniently, the sky was painted in the most gloomy shade of black. Matching with the scenery, was a booming thunder hammering alongside deafening cracks of lightning somewhere within the distance. Glistening from the buildings' paned windows, were sparks of pure golden light escaping its way from the third floor along with eerie cheering and jeering laughter. A mysterious man draped in black robes stood posing as a guard of the building. As he guards the building, a light cough escapes his mouth into the midnight air and the camera makes its way to the windows pouring this interesting commotion. Distinctly, the laughter of Demorca Merovingian is heard over the ruckus.

Demorca Merovingian: To, Dark Hammer!

Finally, the camera made its way through one of the many bright windows and hopped inside a medium-sized room. It had one large spindle-legged table made from the finest African blackwood resting in the center of the room. Matching with the table, were about twenty-six spindle-legged chairs trailing their way around the table, occupied by men and women also dressed in black. Amongst those occupying the chairs were Razilee Rawcett, Dormithean Merovingian and Hunter Montreddins. Above all the black-robed people was a grand chandelier; its many jewels twinkled together as a bright light emitted from the center of its grandness.  All of a sudden, Hunter raised himself from his own chair and made his way through the entrance of the room. With rising interest, Demorca followed him as he strolled away; immediately her evil sneer faded away. At once, Demorca followed in his footsteps all the way to the balcony that once held the limp body of Judy Jills. 

Demorca Merovingian: What are you doing? Why are you not celebrating?

Hunter Montreddins: Let's be honest with each other, Demi. This is all a setup for your grand plan.

Demorca Merovingian: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Hunter was not facing Demorca, but instead toward the distance where the sun was slowly making its way below the line of horizon. Beautiful colors of orange and pink filtered the air and only illuminated parts of clouds that had not run away from the unrolling darkness. He had a wild look of deep exhaustion and illness to him, which ultimately made his hair appear an ugly shade of grey and his skin to produce unkind wrinkles.

Hunter Montreddins: This wasn't an invitation to a masquerade ball, this was an invitation to a masquerade bloodbath... I don't want to be part of it.

Demorca Merovingian: Well, well, well... who would of known that the runt of the litter would unearth the truth faster than the others. Then again, you're all the runt of the litter...

Hunter Montreddins: But, why?

Inhaling and exhaling, Demorca took a long sigh whilst scratching her head. Slowly but surely, she made her way over to where Hunter stood by the balcony's ledge. Despite the fact of her savage tone of voice, she didn't make any sign of aggression or force of brutality, but merely placed her arms on the stone balustrade beside Hunter, looking toward the sun simultaneously with him.

Demorca Merovingian: We've all had people we've loved... hell, more than ourselves... and sometimes we do things for those we love...and we may regret them... but this I won't regret... he will see my loyalty and he will praise me for it...

Hunter Montreddins: And he wouldn't kill you? He wouldn't think you're a traitor?

Demorca Merovingian: Maybe... but he will eventually realise how loyal I am to him...

All of a sudden, an uproar of screams and gasps issuing from the inside of the building can be heard. Above all, Razilee's scream made the most noise, which conclusively made a slight grin appear across Demorca's face. Ultimately, the sound of plates clattering and glass smashing, forced Hunter to stand up straight.

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