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Sunday // 4:48am

I had finally landed and i let both groupchats know that i'm here and chase said he was on his way, we're meeting at starbucks and i'm so excited to meet him.

as i was waiting for my order, i felt a pair of hands cover me eyes

"guess who"

"i stg if this isn't chase i'm going to murder you" i said while taking the pair of hands and turning around.

in front of me right now was chase, chase hudson. i wrapped my arms around him pulling him into a tight hug

"are you trying to kill me" he said laughing as i loosened my grip

"ah i'm sorry, i just-"

"wow have i made the one and only isabella clark speechless?"

"shut up you dork" i said while playfully rolling my eyes

"izy" the starbucks employee called out, i walked over to get my drink and she handed me a plastic straw. doesn't she care about the turtles

"i have a metal straw, trying to save the turtles here!" i say bluntly and chase just laughs

after, chase and i left and caught an uber to the hotel

i went to reception and got my keys for my room, avani and i were sharing a room.

room arrangements
avani and izy are sharing a room
next to them is cynthia and madi
then chase, payton and anthony
hannah and elmo
jaden, noen and sam
jackson, chase k and griffin
yewsif, sebastian and kevin

i went in the elevator, chase had already left and gone to his room so i could unpack, i get to my room unlock the door and i see my bestfriend avani. i run up to her jumping into her arms and hug her tightly we both end up falling on the floor and lucky this was all videoed because avani was in the middle of filming a youtube video.  i swung my arm around avani s neck and said hello to the camera

"alright guys, this is izy! she's my bestfriend and i'm going to be sharing a room with her for the next few weeks!" she said introducing me

"hey everyone, i'm going to leave you guys to it! i have some bags to unpack" i said while hugging avani once more then leaving to unpack.

as i was unpacking my bags i saw a note

[the note]
dear izy

it's liz (izys step mom). you won't see this until you land but uh, your father and i are getting married in 6 weeks, we've been engaged for a year but we never told you because we knew how you'd react. when you come back home we won't be there as we will be on honeymoon. we're traveling all around greece so you have the house all to yourself for 1 month, 2 weeks.i have a list of chores you need to do once you get back, all the information you need is under the door mat along with the keys.

much love, liz xoxo

what. the. actual. fuck. they're not getting married, this has to be some sick joke. "WHAT THE FUCK" i yell from the top of my lungs as i kick the wall leaving a dent. "babe, what's wrong?" avani says while running into the room. "i can't believe this shit" i whisper "babes! what's wrong" avani asks once again.
i explain the situation, i've told her everything about my step mom and how much i hate her and now she's in my life for good grr. "i just don't understand how he can fall in love with her" i say, someone knocks on the door and avani gets up and goes to get it. i look over to see who it is and it's...

a/n: who do you guys think it is? i hope you enjoyed this chapter. do you want the chapters to be longer or shorter?

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