Chapter 52: You Should See The Other Guys

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'Hey, team! Check this out!'

Ryn jerked awake at the sudden exclamation, her wings snapping open in surprise and sending her toppling from the couch with a small squeak.

When did I even fall asleep? she thought with a groan, as she pushed herself back to her feet.

The seven of them had been staying up, waiting for the others' return. Eleven o'clock had come and gone, already, and Ryn couldn't help but feel as though something must have happened. They had debated amongst each other more than once whether or not to send out a search party, but in the end had decided against it.

'What is it, Jasper?' Elizabeth glanced up from her book when the young man came pouring down the stairs, his grin almost as wide as the doorframe.

Quentin turned around in her seat at the table, where she and Elliot had been engaged in what had to be their tenth round of checkers. She'd attached magnets to each piece so that he could see them.

'Okay so...' Jasper began, when he was sure he had everyone's attention. 'I was just kind of playing around with the light in my room and all of a sudden... this happened.'

Ryn watched as his skin burst with a sudden, rather blinding wave of intense light and, when it faded away... Jasper had disappeared.

'Woah!' Kiley praised, rising from her seat. 'You can turn invisible?!'


They all spun around at the sound of his voice behind them, and Ryn's eyes widened with surprise to see him standing next to the kitchen, now.

'What... how...' Toni stammered. 'What did you just do?'

'Now, I'm not really sure how to put this but...' He grinned, and the light flashed again. Instantly, he returned to the spot just in front of the three couches, and the four girls that had been seated there reared backwards in surprise. 'I think I just traveled at the speed of light.'

'You did what?!' Quentin was on her feet, now, all but jumping with elated excitement. Elliot, too, had risen his eyebrows in shock.

'I don't know how it works but... if I concentrate hard enough, all of a sudden time seems to stop. It's like everything goes quiet and still, except for me.'

'That sounds incredible!' Ryn exclaimed.

'I know, right?!'

'Do it again,' Quentin cheered with a childish clap.

Jasper obeyed and, a flash of light, later, he was standing on the other side of the table, near the door to the training arena.

'How far can you go?'

'I can only hold it for about ten seconds.'

'That wasn't even a tenth of a second,' Elliot protested.

Jasper shrugged. 'It felt like ten seconds, to me. However far I can go in that time is all I've got. I mean I can try to extend the time limit, but I don't think I have any control over it. Hell, I don't even know how I did it in the first place! It just kind of... happened.'

'Can you do it in rapid succession?' Quentin questioned, rather excitedly.

'I haven't tried that either, to be honest.'

Ryn mused over all the possibilities this could provide. Imagine being surrounded by a whole hoard of robotic scorpions, or Blanks. Jasper could just wiz around and knock them all out before they even had the chance to take a step forward. He could dash someone out of the road of one of the larger scorpion's stingers. He could even sneak up on the Silver Scorpion, himself! Provided he got close enough to reach him within ten seconds...

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