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       On a world ravaged by winged humans, that look like human chicken strangely. A blue vortex-like portal opens in a random alley in Metropolis, where a boy -wearing a white hoodie with green stripes on the side, brown pants and sneakers, while on his left hand holds a watch like device that can't seem to tell time- exits the portal and looks around with curious eyes at his new surroundings.

       " This. Is. So. Cool. " Ben states excited at his new discovery. " I am so going to rub it in Kevin's face when I get back home. " he speaks again as a strolls out of the alleyway and onto the street. Only to see chicken like humans carrying blasters that look like guns, roaming the area in large numbers while the humans cower and hide in fear of them. " Nevermind. I take that back. " he says the moment he observes his surroundings once more for a better hold of the situation.

        Slowly backtracking into the alley he left, he turns his attention to his omnitrix and activates it, scrolling through his aliens to see what to use.

        Out of nowhere, a hologram of Azmuth appears, giving the young hero a fright. " Azmuth?! What are you doing here?! " The hologram of Azmuth, rolls his eyes and speaks to the boy, " Relax young Tennyson, I am but a mere AI of the original here to aid you on your adventures in this new dimension. " Nodding his head as an indication that he understood what the AI had just said, he speaks once more. " So, any idea on where the good guys are? Considering the fact that there are evil humans with wings strolling through the city with lethal weapons, I'm guessing the good guys are down for the count, or they dont exist. " The boy states while the AI begins its search.

       " I'd suggest you take a look at the biggest ship. It is possible for prisoners to be on board and held against their will while the bad guys take over the world. " Eyes widening, the boy looks up into the sky, and back to his watch again scrolling through his aliens to find the right alien to do the job. " It's Hero Time! " he exclaims as his hand slams onto the watch.

        A bright flash of green lights envelops the dark alleyway and disappears a moment later, where the boy stands is now a blue moth like alien, colder than ice floating from the floor. " Big Chill! " it whisper shouts as it turns intangible and flies up to the mothership.

        On board the mothership, in the dungeon basement level. Holds cells of varying degrees, as a group of heroes are held against their will.

       As Big Chill enters the ship, he starts to explore the vast alien contraption curious of what it has. After all, the closest he has been to a alien ship hell bent on destroying the world was vilgax. Though his decor was more on the ' I'll abduct you and plant eggs Into you ' kind of thing.

      " This is soooooo cooooool.. " The alien whispers out as he explores the ship even more. However, he stops In his tracks the moment he stumbles upon a group of people in cell like cages. " At least I found the heroes, or not. " he reassures himself by floating up to one of the prisoners to get a closer look. Upon a closer look, he sees a man in all black, looking like a bat, chained to the wall moving around as if he was attempting to break free of his confines. 

       Curious at what the bat-dressed man was doing, he flies up to the man and speaks once he becomes tangible again. " Watcha doing? " He asks to creepily for his liking. The man turns his head to look at the blue alien, white eyes slightly widened before going back to their normal sizes again, speaks warily " Escaping. "

       " Want me to help? " The hero asks. Slightly confused as to why the blue moth alien is offering help to him, he still accepts it nonetheless. " Get ready then " Big chill states as he flies back a bit to fire at the chains.

        Taking a breath, he blows onto the chains, freezing them into solid ice which makes it easier to break. Once frozen, Big Chill kicks at the chains and in doing so, successfully breaks them. Now free of his containment, the man stands up from the floor he dropped on and walks out his cell and heads to the others to free them.

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