he glanced over at corbyn, he was just finishing buckling morgan up. the two made eye contact. corbyn blushed, and smiled small.

"you good?" daniel whispered over to corbyn. he nodded his head.

"yeah. yeah, you just make me feel like i'm in high school with a stupid crush." corbyn giggled quietly. daniel felt the same. he's so in love it's crazy.

"i can second that." he said— his voice barely above a whisper.


it was cold in germany.

and jet lag was a bitch.

alex was wrapped up in his blanket and some warm clothes. his small head was covered up with a beanie and he was against daniel's chest.

morgan was being held by corbyn. she was cold throughout the flight so she was already in her sweater.

the boys finally left and went to get their luggage— which was a lot so jon's wife took the kids to the van.

they quickly got their suitcases, and went through the long walk of fans. they said hello quickly and went to the van so they could get to the hotel.

they weren't preforming for another two days so they were just going to stay at the hotel and explore.


"hey corbyn?"

corbyn looked over at daniel. he was getting into bed, seeing how it was almost midnight. morgan was in the bed next to them, in a deep sleep. alex in the crib provided, he hasn't woken up once, which was shocking.

he hummed in response.

daniel moved to straddle his hips. corbyn gripped his hips, and looked up at him. he leaned down to his ear, gently biting the lobe. "i'm horny." he whined quietly. corbyn clenched his jaw, and swallowed thickly.

"the kids—"

"are sleeping, and they will be for a while since they've never experienced jet lag before." daniel whispered, rolling his hips.

corbyn groaned quietly, and patted his hip. "bathroom. i'll be there in a second."

daniel scurried off of him, and made a beeline to the bathroom. corbyn rolled over to the bedside table where his wallet laid. and like every high school boy, he kept a condom in his wallet.

he went to his suitcase, and grabbed a small bottle of lube, before going to the bathroom. he gasped when daniel yanked him in, the bathroom door shutting gently.

he locked it blindly while they hungrily made out. corbyn lifted daniel up on the counter, their lips still moving swiftly.

both boys already shirtless, corbyn broke the kiss to get daniel out of his sweatpants.

he reattached their lips, corbyn gripping his hips tightly, pulling him back down on his feet, only for him to be turned around to he was facing the mirror and was bent over the counter.

corbyn let his sweats fall down, pooling at his ankles. he slide the condom on, and lathered his dick up in lube.

he lined his tip up with his hole, and kissed daniel's should when he slowly pushed in.

daniel moaned softly, dropping his head. corbyn laced their fingers together. daniel nodded his head, his knees buckling when corbyn snapped his hips. "sh-shit corbyn!"

the older bit down on his shoulder, his hips moving quickly and sharply. daniel's jaw dropped slack, his hand squeezing corbyns. he hasn't bottomed in a hot second—

corbyn grunted, sucking a few hickeys on his shoulders. "c'mon baby."

daniel cursed loudly (a little too loud, but from what he knew, his kids were still sleeping. thank god for that.) and came on the counter top.

with a few more hard thrusts, corbyn came in the condom. their chests heaved. he pulled out, and took the used condom off, tying it and disposed it.

daniel stood up with shaky legs, a content smile on his lips. he wrapped his arms around corbyn's neck. "i love you." he said lowly.

corbyn beamed and pecked his lips. "i love you too."


this chapter was ~boring~ and the smut ~sucked~ but we gucci 😌✋🏼

[a/n]this chapter was ~boring~ and the smut ~sucked~ but we gucci 😌✋🏼

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