VIII | The Black Sword

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The wind carried the majestic crimson cloak up into the air, only soon to be stumbled by the King's back against his seat. The arrival of His Majesty gave the chamber a brief moment of silence. His omniscient presence weakened the knights and gave even the Sevis a tiny hiccup.

With his left hand holding on the sapphire scepter, the King, Myras Auburn revealed his right palm as he raised his hand, signaling the Mind. "Let the accolade begins," Sevi Lurke announced with an old raspy but loud voice across the chamber.

The sounds of metal boots clanking against the ground began to consume the atmosphere. One lord in particular with a red funky mustache stepped forward to the King and knelt as he presented a black sword. It was no obsidian, nor black crystal. It was black metal, smelted in the once ancient city of Azoma. Rumored to be stronger than diamond, the Azomian metal was so dark that it absorbed every light that touched it. 

Everybody's eyes were on that piece of mended metal, except Flurkin's.

Looking nervously at his son, Flurkin adjusted his posture and stood upright, ready for the knighthood ceremony. It is time.

"Let's get this ceremony done quickly. I have other important matters to be discussed," Myras spoke with absolute confidence while disregarding the fact that some knights were still in the midst of feasting.

"Tobias Damask. Forward," with a scroll on his hand, the Mind declared.

A few clangs and the squire knelt to the ground just a few feet away from His Majesty. Myras gracefully stood up as he pushed himself upwards from his seat. Without any time wasted, the King picked up the Azomian sword in a swift and ambled with composure towards the squire.

"I dub thee Sir Tobias, knight."

As the black sword tapped on each of his shoulder three times, the squire was now a knight.

At once, the silence was disturbed by the knights like a thunder storming across the rainwater. Claps and cheers hyped up the atmosphere as the rest celebrated with joy. Wines on their hands and laughter on their faces, they seemed to be happy to welcome the new knight to the family. As usual, Merlin's voice was the most blaring of them all.

"Travis Damask. Forward." The next knight was soon knighted by His Majesty. His twin, with the same composure accepted the knighthood with a proud stance. The both of them stood at the side, ready to recite their knight oath, awaiting the last squire to be knighted.

The face of Lurke was wrinkled and his hair was white as snow. As he held the written scroll on his bony hands, he declared the last name of the squire to be knighted. "Kenny Venetian."

The King shrugged as the corner of his eyes lit up. He refocused his vision as he took a better look at the next squire in line. Kenny --- Flurkin's adopted son? The King thought as he bit his teeth and clenched his jaw beneath his lips.

Out of a sudden, a voice interrupted. "Your Majesty, I'm afraid that the boy does not deserve to be knighted." Chatters among the knights broke loose and eyes could be seen gazing back and forth between Flurkin and his adopted son. The Spine of Amor, Merlin continued his objection, "By the looks of the boy's green unbelonging eyes, you know that he isn't one of us. Knighting an outsider would deteriorate the name of Amorian knights, an incredible insult to our kingdom. I believe that the kid ---"

"Enough of your crude blabbers, Sevi Merlin!" What Flurkin feared most had happened, a dissent from the knights. However, he knew, that it had to be done. The cruel truth was, his son was either a knight, or a nobody. Brewing with rage inside him, he roared, "That squire shall be knighted today and he will be serving our very land, our kingdom, despite his origin! It does not matter where he comes from, as long as he is willing to fight along with our side ---"

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