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For anyone wondering, this book is based somewhere in Canada (recently decided >.<). It seems like an appropriate setting, considering the climate (somewhat), diverse races, languages and such.

Also, updates will be moved to a Friday, in hopes of getting better rankings. With that said, could you please vote on this chapter and the ones before if you haven't? It'll make me really happy :3


* * *

As your feelings for someone grow stronger, so does your fear of losing them

* * *

Sage lied in bed the entire evening, safely tucked under his comforter and snuggled up against Skittles.

He cried himself to sleep numerous times, but at that point, lying awake, Sage's attention was once again jolted to the cheekbone that ached horribly from Carlos's hit. He was sure that his face had swollen horribly at that point, but too weak to go downstairs and some ice, so he stayed put.

Even when Cecilia entered his room earlier, she left once she noticed that he was sleeping and wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. Albeit doing so, she locked the doors of the house and wrote a note to say that dinner was in the refrigerator and that she'd be going to talk to Priest Goodward.

Good riddance.

When he was sure she left the house, he sluggishly got out of bed and went straight downstairs to the fridge, avoiding mirrors at all cost. His cheekbone stung as he retrieved some ice from the freezer and his dinner, bringing them all up to his room despite how Cecilia would chastise him for eating in his room. Sitting at his work table, his intent was to start doing his math homework, but the ravishing pain in his face and the tormented headache he suffered wouldn't allow him to.

Sage weakly reached for the ice and lifted it, carefully placing it against his face. He flinched at the sudden contact but held it there nevertheless, biting his lip to dial back the pain a little. His eyes pooled with tears as everything that evening poured back to him, from the threat to getting hit and locked in the janitor's room, then having to stay there for two hours until the janitor returned from wherever he was. Thankfully, the janitor didn't push for an answer as to what Sage was doing there, but rather helped the blond to get to the nurse and home early that day - with permission, of course.

Unable to concentrate under such condition, Sage switched off the desk lamp and climbed back in bed, gripping the sheets as he forced the tears back. He wasn't a little girl. Surely he could take such a hit and maybe only cry once at most? Why couldn't he be a little stronger?

Sage didn't know how long he lied there, grilling himself for his effeminacy, but time flew by and he drifted off, only to be awoken by the sound of something uncanny.

A sound by his window.

His slowly sat up from his bed at first, thinking that it was just his mind playing tricks as per usual, but another sound had him getting up completely. He backed up against his bedroom door, staring at his window, afraid to even make a sound.

S-someone's out there.

Carlos's vitriolic smirk flashed in Sage's mind, which almost had him freaking out again, but also promoted him to seek the truth. Be it a ghost, burglar or anything of that sort, he needed to find out rather than lie there clueless.

Hesitantly but resolutely, he approached the window despite his fears.

Be a man!

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