The Book of Spells

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He walked at a fast pace on the low lit pathway on the way to an obscured house hidden behind tall oaks and low lying rose bushes. Every few moments the handsome boy turned as if searching and maybe even expecting someone to be following him. He was quite tallat a meresix footthree inches. In this lighting his hairwas a softsilver white but for some reason Phoebe newthat his hair would look more like a soft gold in the daylight.She didnt know this boy who shewas following but he looked so familiar it almost hurt not to be able to recall his name or a memory of him.

He made it to the dark door. There were no windows in or around the door and there was an ominous feeling coming from the hose that Phoebe could notunderstand. The boy knocked on the door three times loud and diliberetly so. He waited for a few minutes facing her, acting gittery and bouncing on his toes.

The door creaked slowly open and all the tension in the boys whole body seemed to evaporate and he gained a sense ofconfidence. Then somthing in his face changed. He looked startled andthen fear slowly creaped into his face...

Phoebe was jolted from sleep and the loud ring eminating from hercell phone. She groggily reached across thesmall bedside table trying to stay under her warm covers as much as possible.The ringing ended and admediatly started ringing again. Phoebe snached up the phone and answered it.

"You had better have a pretty damngood reason for calling me so early Sawyer,"

"First thing first princess its not early, its one in the afternoon. Secound thing i do have a good reason for calling. Sothis morningI was thinking you and i hadnt doneanything fun in awhile,"

Phoebe groaned and interupted Sawyer " We did somthing yesturday night, remember, thats why im so tierd now"

"Well," he continued " Mom said i had to go out tonight with her and the step family and I dont beliveI can survive the night without you beside me. The twins are going to be the center of attention as always,"

"And what are you going to do for me in return?"

"Come tonight and ill show you. Its somthing you will love i picked it up this morning."

"Fine fine i'll come but the twins better watch out or else my foot willbe up their ass!"

"Thank you so much! Oh, and you might want to get ready now because we willbe there in 15 minutes. Love you babe!"

Sawye hung up the phone before giving Phoebe a chance to answer. She sighed and turned to her closet, wondering what he was going to give her in return for such an awful day"


Ok so the story hasnt really started yet it will all start making sense when Sawyer gives her the gift next chapter. Review. Let me know what you think because this is my first attempt at writing and it about a recurring dream ive been having. Thanks!

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