Chapter Eight: The Secret

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Travis grabs my wrist and I gasp surprisingly. I yank my wrist away and my mouth hangs open in disbelief. "Don't touch me." I say, quietly but with a hint of sternness.

Him and Charlie laugh loudly, not feeling threatened at all. My heart begins to pound loudly. Charlie then walks around me to the other side of me. I swallow hard, feeling trapped.

"Oh yeah?" He slightly hisses. And that's when it happens... he smacks my butt.

My face says it all. I'm mortified. My face paper white from fear. Tears forming in my eyes. And as I turn towards him wanting to scream, Ryker appears in front of me suddenly, in one swift motion, like magic.

"You are not allowed to touch her." He says, with so much anger it even scares me. Charlie and Travis both take a step back, fear now taking over their faces. "Man... we were just messin'." Travis stutters.

"I don't give a fuck. What gives you the right to put your hands on her?" He demands an answer. I peek from behind his broad back to look at their faces, and Travis makes eye contact with me. Ryker's hand moves back towards my arm, without him even moving elsewhere, and he holds me, letting me know he is going to protect me.

And it really makes me feel completely protected.

"Man, she wanted it." Charlie hisses, pointing his finger at me, making my flinch. Ryker notices my reaction and gently squeezes my arm with his hand.

Then he lets go and walks forward, and with no warning, his arm flings backwards and launches forward, punching Charlie in the face. Charlie doesn't even stand a chance against the force of Ryker's fist and flys backwards onto the ground, holding his face as he crashes down.

Travis scatters away and picks Charlie up hastily with him. "Dude, we're going!" They yelp as they run towards the exit.

"Good." Ryker says with no emotion. "Never touch or talk to her again." He adds in.

My heart is beating so fast as Ryker stands there like a statue until they're out of sight. Ryker then turns his head with his back still towards me and looks deeply into my eyes. And the look in his eyes pulls me in. Like he wanted to protect me. Like he knew he could be the only one. And I begin to walk forward, reaching my arm out to grab his hand. To touch him. To thank him. But his eyes break away from mine as they focus on something behind me. He closes his eyes for a moment in slight frustration before walking away, in a hurry. I stop in place, confused. I then feel a hand grab mine from behind.

"What the hell was that?!" Anthony's voice strains with confusion as he yanks my hand, twirling me to face him. I pull my hand back towards my chest, surprised by his presence. His eyes stare at my retreating hand.

"What was that, Summer?" He asks again, the seriousness in his voice shaking through my body.

"He- uhm- it was- th-those guys, they- uh-" I stutter over every word. I don't know how to give him an explanation. Because I don't even know what the hell that was either.

He leans forward more, wanting to know. I sense anger coming from him. His lips part in frustration as his eyebrows furrow together, while he starts to look around the room. "Why did he punch that guy Summer?"

"That guy touched me." I say, almost in a whisper, staring at the floor. I can't help but be embarrassed.

"Touched you?" He asks, concerned like.

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