Justin Bieber's Secret Girlfriend

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I will never say never (never say never)

I will fight till forever (make it right)

Whenever you knock me down

I will not stay on the ground

Pick it up, pick it up

Pick it up, pick it up (up up up...)

And never say never (ne-never say never, never say it x3)

And never say never (ne-never say never x3)

And never say never

I sung the last line to the crowd. Closing my eyes for a brief second to listen to the applause, then opening them examining the people I saw in the crowd. Girls crying, girl's screaming, girl jumping up and down with joy. Girls, girls, girls. I said my thank you's to the crowd as I walked off stage and grab the towel one of the workers handed me to dab away the sweat the had produced on my forehead. I nodded my head in thanks and went to my dressing room. I opened the door slowly and stepped in.

"The shows over," I said to the person that was not yet visible. Then she slid from behind the rack of items given by sponsors to me.

"Finally J.B. I thought it was gonna last for.ev.er," she said breaking forever up word by word. I pulled her i for a quick embrace then let her go to look her over. She was 5'3 just two inches shorter than me. Wavy mocha colored hair that girls envied. Hazel eyes that with get shades lighter sometimes. And full lips that were in a big grin right now. My darling.

"Well your gonna have to stay here until we wrap things up--"

"I know, I know. No one can know about Justin Bieber's girlfriend," she said rolling her eyes but I could tell she was joking. I pulled her in close to me until her lips were just inches away and replied,

"Think of it this way you get to be Justin Bieber's secret girlfriend," I then gave her a light peck on her lips as a even bigger smile begin to form on both of our faces.

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