Smile, Your Beautiful :)

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okay this came to me while i was writing Annabels story. Check that out to. :) Tell me what you think.


In the 6th grade everyone began to grow up. Girls became sluts and boys became players. It was the year where eveyone began to figure out who they were. This part of my life i would never forget. All of my friends became gorgeous, while i stayed the same. I didnt think it was a bad thing though.

The first week was good. I even sat by the most cutest popular boy in Science, Jason.

But on Monday of the 2nd week, i walked into Science and sat down next to Jason. I glanced over and smiled at him.

"What are you looking at ugly?" He said, which caught me off gaurd. He was so nice the first week..

"huh?" I said confused at the glaring boy.

"You heard me." By this time the whole class was staring at us, the teacher on the phone. "Why do i have to sit by the most ugliest girl in the world?!"

This whole moment would of course Tramatize a 12 year old girl, growing into her body. but i never expected it to affect my whole experience.

I was now 18 years old. Dark brown hair and grey eyes that sometimes were blue. I wasnt exacty ugly. But i still wasnt the prettiest girl. Guys didnt pay attention to me as they did to other girls. I hung with the popular crowd but was known as the shy one among my friends.

My looks were a Big issue always for me. I wanted to praised by guys and envied by girls. but i wasnt beautiful and probably will never be.

But this statement about me was wrong.


Its just an introduction so dont write it off as sucky already.

comments, votes, and fanning is welcomed :) please tell me what you think.

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