Chapter 116

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A sensual and ambrosial scent filled the capacious bathroom. Smooth, beige stones covered the walls, and the floors. The ceiling was tilted with dark marbles, coated by a glowing layer of luminous glitter.

As the delicate servant girls helped fill Evelyn’s bath with flower petals, bubbles, and scented ointments with great care, Evelyn gazed up at the ceiling. Twinkles of light against a background of darkness; the ceiling tiles it reminded Evelyn of the night sky. It was beautiful.

The whole of the bathroom was beautiful; the entirety of her new bedroom was beautiful. If she thought her previous living quarters was luxurious and overly extravagant, then she had no idea how to describe this one.

“Miss Blackburn, your bath is ready.” The servant girls bowed at Evelyn as they walked around the colossal bath… Well, it was more like a miniature swimming pool; literally, it was built into the ground, Jacuzzi jets and everything.

There was a large, glass surrounded, 12 feet by 12 feet platform in the corner. Evelyn guessed it was shower. There was a giant square metal thing with tiny, drilled holes… so Evelyn presumed it was a shower. But who in the world needed a 12 feet by 12 feet shower? Won’t they drown?

Without even trying it out, she knew she would never go near that strange device… Why would anybody need a shower that big? She wondered to herself again before the servant girls approached her.

“Do you need anything else, Miss Blackburn?” One of them asked.

“No, thank you,” Evelyn replied hastily. She tried to smile at them, but none of them returned the smile.

They left without saying goodbye… They didn’t like her; it was kind of clear from the faked kindness in their tones.

“Why would anybody like you,” Evelyn muttered to herself, she chocked a laugh. “You’re the bitch who stole the man of their dreams.”

She laughed at the hilarity of the situation.

Evelyn had seen the way women looked at Zayn; she had seen the way every female with a pulse stared at Zayn with obvious lust in their eyes. Evelyn didn’t blame them.

Zayn was godly beautiful, beyond description. When she first met him, even she felt a spark of lust from deep within.

But lust wasn’t love; lust wasn’t the foundation needed to build a relationship and a life. Lust wasn’t enough to make Evelyn want to spend the rest of her life with a man whom she loathed.

Evelyn needed more than lust. She needed somebody who she could call her friend, somebody who understood her, somebody who she could trust: joke around with, be herself with…

Someone like Harry? She heard her subconscious say.

“No,” she replied to herself. Not like Harry, anybody but Harry.

Deny it all you want, you know you feel something for that boy.

“No, I don’t.”


“Fuck off,” Evelyn replied to herself again before walking over to the small bar of alcohol that had been set up for her, and the array of fruits.

Hot steam had filled the abundantly large stretch of space, and condensation gathered on the bottles of champagne, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, and the rest of the broad selection of alcohol.

Evelyn wasn’t a big drinker. So, in all honesty, she didn’t know what half of them were, and she had never tried most of them.

She was contempt to pour herself a little whiskey and see what it tasted like. Alcohol supposedly numbs emotions, and she guessed it would be good to start shutting out some of her unwanted feelings…

Alcohol doesn’t solve your problems; she heard her subconscious say, again. Alcohol helps you escape, but the problem will still be there at the end of the day. So why avoid your problem when you can solve it?

Evelyn rolled her eyes, plucked a juice, red grape and place it into her mouth; it was cold, and tasted heavenly sweet in her mouth. I really need to get a psychiatrist or something, spending so much time with Zayn is messing with my mind.

Her eyes darted to the bottle of whiskey again. She picked it up and unscrewed the lid.

The intense scent hit her nostrils instantly, and Evelyn almost gagged. Nope, nope, definitely not… I am not pouring this disgusting thing down my throat just so I could bury my sorrows for a few hours.

She walked across the bathroom to check the door was closed properly. There wasn’t a lock on the inside: just like how there were no locks on the inside of her wardrobe and the main bedroom doors. Everything was locked from the outside… A small part of her was creped out by Zayn’s need to control her surroundings and keep her hostage in a place where she should feel safe… but then, she was getting used to his evil ways.

Fuck it, he’ll just knock the door down if he wanted to come in, she thought spitefully and dropped her robe.

The bath looked inviting and soothing, and it felt even better.

The moment the hot water made contract with Evelyn’s skin, she wanted to let out a small moan. Slowly, she descended down the simple steps and into the depth of the bath.

Like a swimming pool, the floor lowered, hence the volume depended towards the end furthest away from the steps.

She walked to the centre of the bath and found a comfortable place where she could lay down, have her body engorged in stress releasing warm and keep her head above waters.

She smiled.

It felt nice to relax…

She closed her eyes and allowed the simple yet euphoric pleasure to sweep away reality.

Her mind drifted to a happy place, a place where she could indulge her supressed desires, a place without Zayn’s hands around her throat, controlling everything she did, everything she was.

Evelyn didn’t fall asleep, but she was in that limbo between consciousness and unconsciousness for a couple of minutes.

She wasn’t in a rush to wash herself, so she wanted spoil herself with this simple escape for as long as possible… However, as some say, all good things come to an end.

“Evelyn?” her bliss was shattered by the deep, masculine voice that haunted her nightmares.

Just the sound of his voice sent goose bumps of horror to rise upon her skin.

Evelyn gulped. “Z-Zayn?” Her voice was no more than a soft breath, but he had heard it.


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