Many Things Happen

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Shiro's is a (former?) snow hashira, she became demon when muzan attack her family and captured her, now she is the prisoner of muzan.

Shiro's pov

"Welcome home dear." I greet my husband as he kissed my forehead.

"It's nice to see you, shiro" he said

"Are we going out today? I want to see the city" I ask

"Then let's take a look at it dear" he said and escorted me

It took so long just to tame this sadistic beast, I tried not to be under him but I can't do anything without him. I only drink his blood, and never devour human. Since it is his fault why I am like this. I want to be a human again, but he won't let me go.

We leave the house, and we went to the city, I can leave the house if I am with him. We walk through the crowd. Muzan hold my hands so I can't escape, he knows me very well, that I may run.

Someone grab my shoulders, it looks like he is training so much that I can feel his calluse.

"Aneki..." I was shocked to see Tanjirou and... Nezuko? Why is her nails and hair


"We need to go" Muzan grab me, and he scratch some strangers nape

"Dear?" the woman ask as the man start growing fangs and he bit his wife, Muzan started a commotion

"Wait-- muzan! Why nezuko?!" he cutted my words and pulled me

"Muzan stop! Why nezuko is --" he covered my mouth with a handkerchief and everything went dark


I woke up again in our room, I can't see Muzan anywhere, he's probably at work, the door opened and Muzan entered

"So you are awake" without thinking what me happen to me I froze the whole room

"You promised me!" I grab his collar

"I did it for survival

"But they are my siblings, I left my position as a pillar and come with you, I told you to stay away from them" I said

"Like I said I did it for survival" he said

"You are just thinking about yourself, you are making us your pawn, I don't want to be here anymore. Let me go now" I said and released, I was about to leave through the door when, I can't move my entire body

"I said let me go, muzan" He hugged my from behind that nake me struggle more

"My, my haven't you learned you lesson, shiro. You are not my pawn, but more likely a trophy, having you is an achievement I did, and look at you now, this mighty demon slayer is now a demon, an ice demon. Who would like to interact with you if you are a demon, you can't survive without me. The demon slayers already betrayed you, without even searching for you, they give up. Now have you learned the lesson of the day? Just trust me, only me. Forget them and love only me, no one can be with you except for me" he said and put kisses on my neck

"You know that I love you" he said

Third person's POV

"just one kiss, dear. You will forget your problems" Muzan said and bit his lips to bled out. He move closer to shiro, he kissed him making sure that he can sip the blood from his lips

" Now dear, I want you to stay here and sit still look pretty" Muzan kissed Shiro's cheeks and left the room, Shiro's can't do anything, but to cry

"I wan't to protect you, but I can't disobey him. I can't leave him" Shiro said to herself.

(As you can see.... Shiro develop stockholm syndrome which is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity. Which means she is inlove with Muzan even if she tried to deny it)

Shiro's POV

*Months later.... *

I want to... Get out of here, I want to see my fellow pillars, I want to see nezuko and tanjirou. I look at my window and break the glass and jump out the window I run to the woods.

( a little muzan's POV)

"Master, Shiro run away!" one of the servant said

"let her be, she will come back, unless she was abduct by those lowly creatures, we will take action if I feel her struggle"

"yes Master" he left and I look to the window

"You should come home quickly, my dear" I said to my self

Shiro's POV

The head quarters of the pillars, I know it, I run there, but someone block my way. I draw my sword

"Ice breathing :fourth --- " I was cut to say when I saw his face

"Tomiok..." I almost drop my sword, he looks shock as I am

"S-Shiro... You're alive" he said

"Come shiro-san, we need to get back there, It's been so long since we saw you, kagaya-sama must see you" he said dragging me, in our way we saw shinobu in our way

"Why are you in hurry--" she didn't continue her speech instead run with us

"kagaya-sama must be happy for this news" shinobu said

"W-Wait!!!" with all of my force, I stop running

"Why shiro, finally we are complete again" Giyu ask

"I can't come with you" I said

"Why?" Shinobu ask

"Can't you see, I am your enemy. I am a demon" I said and surely show them my face to see my slit pupil and my long nails

"I haven't give up on my humanity yet, but before I completely lose my mind, I want you to take care my siblings, nezuko, Tanjirou. Please don't kill Nezuko, she is still a human. I can find out how to turn her back to human"

"Since you are a demon..." shinibu raise her sword

"might as well take you as an enemy" She said, I can see a little tears on her eyes, I smiled

"yes, please" she start attacking

"Insect breathing:butterfly dance caprice" she said as she swiftly attack me

"blood demon art - Ice block" I said it is a technique where I summon a shield if ice to block her attack

"Ice breathing 3rd form - snow blizzard" I choose this attack, it's deadly, but I make sure I won't hit them, it is a perfect way to escape, now I have informed them. I Just need to go to tanjirou

I finally found him, he is running, is he being chase by a demon? No, he is being chase by shinobu, she is fast, she just left her mission for a little while and now she back to her mission, giyu arrive and stop shinobu

"did you forgot what shiro said, stop killing his sister" giyu said

"shiro is a demon, we must kill her. It is our rule tomioka-san, we must kill all demons even if she is a friend or a family, what if she eats us tomioka-san!" she said

I feel bad for those two, now since no one is chasing tanjirou--- wait another shinobu?! I ran quickly, it's bad she will reach tanjirou, she reach tanjirou and land on him, nezuko is now out of the box, I'm so slow now I jump high in the air and I saw shinobu on the mid air, I panic

"blood demon art :falling snow" I said is to fall a snow hard to see enemy on the mid air I went down quickly and I see tanjieou past out and the another shinobu is chasing.... A small nezuko? I chase her and grab her hand making her drop her sword, I throw her far away, but I know she will survive

"Nezuko..." I said calling her, she come close to me amd hold my hand and rub her face

"I'm sorry Nezuko" I said

"If I haven't left the family, If I just make coal for us to live, if I didn't wish for us to be wealthy enough, if I just stay with you, all night, If I didn't arrive late that day, I might save you" I said breaking down. I know muzan is behind this misery of mine, I just can't disobey him

I feel someone hit me on my nape

"I'm sorry, shiro. But you need to come with us" shinobu?

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