amajiki tamaki

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a friend in need

he found her crying infront of his apartment. he didn't want to know what happened since it would only make her think about it more. it saddens him to see her in pain. it pains him to see her in a state where she thinks she's alone.

he didnt need her to tell him what she was feeling ㅡ because he knows her deep down. his bestfriend is the type that hides things but her emotion shows.

amajiki didn't think any further and just gave her the hug that she deserved. hushing softly and gently stroking her hair as she sobbed onto his chest. he could feel her tears soaking his shirt but he didn't mind. he just wanted her to be okay again.

"i'm sorry," her voice hoarsed as she looks up at him.

amajiki didn't pay any mind and shake his head lightly.

"you don't have to say sorry," he softly said as he wipe the tear that was threatening to spill. "i'm always here for you," he rested his hand on her cheek.

she felt like crying but she held them in and hug amajiki tightly.

"what did i do to deserve you?" her voice muffled.

her bestfriend stayed silent as a smile slowly formed on his lips.

a lot of things.

he took her inside for a cup of coffee after standing outside for 5 minutes which led to them spending they're night with jokes and laughter.


thank you for reading. hope this is to your liking even though it's short. i just realized that i've been writing too many angst lately so might as well give a happy ending this time.

i haven't been in the right state of mind to write fluff and all. things happened lately and i just want to let it out through writing.

i've been told that it's therapeutic and it really is.

that's all from me. once again, thank you for reading! and i apologize for any grammar mistakes, been receiving messages about them lately. ;u;

english isn't my first language so, i am really sorry!

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