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Sunlight shines through a bay window into a bedroom, illuminating the bedside table where empty beer bottles and a half-drunk whiskey bottle stand alongside a cell phone, journal and a half smashed, but working, clock. Kai Hargreeves stops at the table as she picks up her cell phone from beside the beer bottles and plugs in a pair of headphones into the port at the top of the phone. She then slips the headphones over her ears and presses play on the app on her phone. Kai slips a pair of headphones over her ears as she leaves her bedroom, the sound of Queen a welcome vocal in her morning. She takes a deep breath as the music begins.

"Oh, let's go" She sings as she heads down the hall. "Steve walks warily down the street. With the brim pulled way down low," she sways a little as she goes. "Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet," she runs her hand along the wall as she smiles and bops along to the song. It's hard not to when it comes to the masters of rock. "Machine guns ready to go. Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway, the bullets rip. To the sound of the beat", she heads upstairs towards her open plan living room. "Another one bites the dust" she sings as she closes her eyes and enters the room. "Another one bites the dust" Kai sings, swinging her hips with a semi-serious expression on her face as she jams, she appears thoughtful. "And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one...Argh! Fuck!" she screams seeing the two people sat on her couch. "Bobby" she scolds pulling her headphones off, he smiles at her and waves his fingers. Bobby Singer. Her mentor. Her only friend in this world that is not part of her family. He attempted to save her life a few years ago, but in the end, she ended up saving his. He then offered to teach her how to hunt, given her abilities he thought it an easy fit, he knew she needed something, something other than pills, drink and fight clubs. He was right. Hunting changed her life. She still drinks. She still takes the odd painkiller during 'bad' days. But she feels like she has a purpose again.

"Thought I taught you to be better aware of your surroundings" he offers amused.

"If you were supernatural at all, you wouldn't even get in the front door" she offers starting to smile. "How exactly did you get in?" she asks, Bobby shrugs a little.

"You know I got my ways" he teases, she steps closer as Bobby stands, his arms instantly coming around her to hug her, she smiles wider hugging him back. After the monumental failure of Reginald, she needed a figure like Bobby in her life. "How are you, kiddo?" he asks her, she nods pulling back.

"Yeah'm good" she assures him and looks over him. "You're looking good too, old man" she teases, he laughs and nods.

"Could be better" he offers.

"Is that why you're here?" she asks. "Why you didn't just call me?" she eyes up his friend. "Why you brought a male model? It's not my birthday or, you know, Christmas" she points out.

"Oh, this is Dean Winchester" Bobby offers. "Dean, this is Kai...Hargreeves, I told you about her" they share a look and Bobby nods to Kai.

"Right" Dean states standing, he holds out his hand to Kai who glances to it, debates taking it, before she does set her hand in his.

"So, this is the Dean?" she asks staring at him, Dean shifts slightly uncomfortable with her gaze on him.

"Yep," he tells her. "The Dean" he mumbles. "I guess" He releases her hand. "Why do people keep calling me that?" he asks Bobby who shrugs.

"I've heard stories," Kai tells him crossing her arms over her chest. Dean raises an eyebrow. "Bobby talks about you a lot" she explains, Dean looks to Bobby who now rubs the back of his neck.

"Well...he talks about you too" Dean counters. "He said you could help me with my brother"

"So what?" she asks. "Monster's got him and you're pitching a rescue?" Bobby sighs a little.

"Not after your hunting skills, sweetheart" he corrects, she realizes and then sighs.

"You are after my.....other skills" she states and shakes her head. "Yeah, I don't know" she walks away a little pulling her headphones from her neck and the wire out from her shirt to set them on the coffee table. "You know how I feel about....people knowing about those powers" She takes a breath and drops into her armchair. Bobby and Dean retake their own seats to watch her.

"Everyone knew about your powers at one point" Bobby reminds her motioning to a photo on the wall, one of her and her siblings in their Umbrella Academy uniforms.

"That was a long, long time ago" she counters as she taps her fingers on the arm of the chair, thoughtful. "What is it you want them for?" she asks, Bobby looks at Dean, letting him explain. He knows that Kai needs to see that familiar worry to get on board, he knows how hard she finds it to work with other people, but knowing Dean is worried for his brother will pull on her heartstrings, and it may be a little low but they need her. And Bobby knows this. Dean rubs his hands on his jeans and nods a little.

"Right, well...urm..." he starts, struggling, Kai cocks her head.

"You don't ask for help very often, do you?" she asks leaning forward onto her knees. Dean lifts his eyes to hers and offers a lopsided smirk.

"No" he admits. "It's usually my brother's job" he adds with a shrug.

"Alright," she starts. "Just tell me what you want me to do....nothing else matters, just tell me what needs the band-aid" Dean nods and looks to Bobby who smiles softly.

"There was a wall" Dean looks back to Kai. "In his head, it blocked memories, bad memories and...." he takes a breath. "Someone tore it down"

"And you need me to put it back up?" she asks him. "Like a...psychological shield?" he nods. She leans back and taps her hand on the arm of the chair as she thinks.

"Kai" Bobby starts softer. "I wouldn't be here if we had another option...but I know what you can do, I know you can do this"

"It's not a matter of if I can do it" she argues. "It's basic..." she shrugs a little. "And a talent I've used on occasion in the past....." Dean pulls a face a little. "It's..." she sighs. "You know I don't work well with others"

"You don't have to work with me" Dean argues. "You just have to fix my brother" They stare at one another. Eyes locked. And he has to look away first, unsure that her eyes aren't piercing his soul. There is something about her eyes. Something intense. She stands from her seat letting out a deep breath.

"Fine" she offers them. "I'll help" Dean instantly relaxes, his shoulders drooping slightly. "But" she starts and Dean is tensing again, her eyes are on him. "You have to promise that no matter what I do, no matter what you keep your gun in your pants" they share a look, Dean swallows a little and then finally nods. For Sam. He can stow his trigger for Sam.

"I don't care how you do it" Dean assures her. "Just as long as you fix him" She watches him a moment before nodding. 

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