You Can't Win for Trying

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Chapter 1: The Tourny

This was it, my time to shine.

I mounted my horse, Oberon, with no fear whatsoever.

I was in the moment, shoulders back, heels down, leaning forward, and finally, the countdown...


And I was off.

I charged at my opponent, Prince Connor, hoping to throw him off in a single shot, as I did with the other 5 contestants.

I hit him from the front, which appeared to do nothing, so I made a dangerously sharp turn, and nailed him in the rib cage.

He cringed, but I knew for a fact that it wouldnt stop him.

Then, Connor caught me completley off guard, one minute he was infront of me, the next he struck my back with the lance.

I let out a shriek, but that didnt stop me from pulling an even cuter move on him.

I cantered about a metre away from him, and as soon as he got close enough, I pulled off a speedy turn on the honches (A.N. a riders term for turning on the back legs only.) and at the same time, managed to swing my lance around so it hit his shoulder and upper back.

I was suprisingly sucsessful, because I knocked him off.

Connor lied there, helpless, and in shock.

"Girls cant fight, eh?" I scoffed.

"That was all luck, you, of all people had to get lucky." he defended, obviously annoyed.

"That, my friend, was earned by endless years of training, every single day." I stated boldly.

"I want a rematch." he pleaded.

"No way, I won fairly, get over it." I said sneeringly, as I grabbed Oberon and walked out of the field into the temporary jousting barn.

"Beautiful round my dear, absolutley stunning." My dad told me proudly.

"Thanks dad, but I owe it all to you." I smiled and pulled him into a hug.

" Go to the barn doors, they will be announcing your name soon."

Thirty seconds later, the announcer announced the winner of the tourny.

"Lady Janessa Smithsonian is the winner of today's Grand Tournament. Congratulations my dear."

I smiled, satisfied with my accomplishment, walked out proudly with Oberon, claiming my prize, 50 gold coins, and a magnificent wreath, which was placed around Oberon's neck.

"Thank you good people of Camelot, it was my pleasure to joust in today's tourny. Thank you once again."

The crowd went ballistic, except for a few of the older palace ladies, who scowled at me.

I once again mounted my stallion, and rode back to the palace stables.

As I was taking Oberon's saddle off, no one other than Connor approched me.

"Nice round today Juno, you fight like a man, and you look like one too." he snickered.

"I really dont need your immaturity or stupidity right now. Why don't you go bother one of the slower minded girls, at least they enjoy your company."

"Aw, c'mon Jube Jube, I was only kidding!"

"Dont call me Jube Jube! Get outta here you self absorbed prince, and I mean it!" I yelled. This stupid prince has always gotten on my nerves, ever since we were toddlers.

" But I want to stay with you, your just so.... pleasing to be around." he told me sarcastically.

"Thats it!" I hollered "Get out!"


I was losing my temper very quickly now, so I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him out of the stables.

"Dont come back in unless you want Oberon to break you toes!" I screamed at him.

I rushed back inside the barn to resume grooming my stallion.

Prince Connor P.O.V

Juno might be tiny, but shes a peice of work, I can never seem to reason with her, but its not like I try to anyways.

A couple of minutes after my little facio was over with Juno, I was wandering the palace halls, unsure of what to do with my time.

My father, King Richard, approched me, and told me that we needed to speak.

"Where" I asked.

"In the library." he replied.

That was a tad strange, because my father hated concealing things from our kingdom. He had this paranoia that the people might grow suspicious and protest.

A brief moment later, we were both in the library, sitting face to face.

"So, my boy, you are almost 21."

"Yes, Father."

"And the Grand Ball is approching in a matter of 3 weeks."

"That is correct father."

"You, as prince, have no option to stay single."

"I am aware of that, Father."

"Good, just wanted to remind you. Any questions?"

"Yes, only one. How am I supposed to fall in love with someone in a matter of 3 weeks?"

"Figure it out yourself. I have things to do, and people to meet with. Now off with you!"

"Goodbye Father." I sneered as I stomped out of the library.

Good Lord, what was I going to do? I had absolutley no time. I sat down on the ledge of the fountain in the courtyard, running a hand through my messy chocolate brown hair. 'I'm screwed' I thought to myself. ' Defenitley screwed.'

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