🌹Chapter Twenty🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


Damon Garder stands there in all his glory and with a smile, a smile that is directed to me. To be honest, with all that has been going on, I've forgotten all about him, a faint memory of him asking me out comes into mind. I walk over to him.

"You are a hard person to find, did you know that?" He asks me as I come over to him. He looks like he has been waiting for quite some time, but he doesn't look bored, far from it actually. He's happy, I think. Happy to see me? I don't know but I think so.

I smirk. "Well, I can't exact say that since I've never lost myself" I say to him. Letting out a chuckle, he comes closer to me. "Always so smart, Ms. Ace. But, correct. Now, I'm here to take you out on our date, the date we never got to have" He tells me.

I'm not really shocked at it, as soon as I saw him, I was kind of expecting him to comment about it, but I did not expect him to ask me out, now. "Umm, I'm not exact in the right clothes and I just spent few hours with the most arrogant man in the world, so I'm pretty tired. Raincheck?" I ask, hoping he says yes.

I really like this guy, I mean, he's funny, charming and he waits and doesn't complain about it, then again he's interested in me and not some other girl, like Mr. Knight is. Ugh, why does my mind always finds its way back to Alexander Knight. It's annoying and I hate it.

"I wasn't planning an evening out, I was more thinking of dinner at my place and then a movie. You don't have to wear any formal clothes or have some make-up on. It's just a dinner-date with me and then a movie. So, what do you say?" He asks me.

Can this guy get any sweeter? I mean, most men don't do this much for a woman to go out with her. It makes me feel special and good about myself, like he likes me, like actually likes me. I give him a smile. "Fine, but I would like to be home before midnight. I do have work in the morning and I suppose you do, too" I say.

"Of course, as the lady insists" He says and reaches his hand out for me to take, and I do. I guess this evening will be a good one. It's not every day that a man you had forgotten about asks you out. We walk out of the building and into a black car. He goes into the driver's seat while I take the front passenger seat.

"I'm sorry for not contacting you sooner, I just didn't have your number" He tells me. "That's ok, I've actually been dealing with a lot right now, but that's over" I say, I hope it's over at least. "I'll tell you all about it at dinner, if you can keep me talking" I tell him mysteriously.

He will not get everything about myself on the first date, something has to be saved for the second and third date, if they even happen, which I don't know will, but I do hope they will. Damon is the type of man who I can see myself having a future with.

Somehow that thought brings a emotion that is similar to sadness or grief, but I've never felt it before or know that it is. "I guess, I'll just have to keep you talking. I don't see a problem with that, I do find you interesting and I'd like to know more about you" He tells me.

"I also want to figure out if I'm going to be dating a serial killer or a crazy stalker and not a sweet, kind, beautiful woman, which I don't doubt you are, but looks do hide a lot of things" He says laughing. I laugh with him. "I guess we both have to figure out if either one of us is a serial killer" I say.

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