How can she love me like this??

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Juliana POV

We( me and lucho) are going in a car. I just don't know why but while driving also I am strictly concentrated on Valentina. I don't know why I am worried about her more than me then lucho said

Lucho: Julie Val will be alright, don't worry that happens to her in a regular bases, you will also get used to this
Juliana: Why didn't she take care of herself?? Didn't you guys said to her??
Lucho: We tried to say but she haven't listened to us but today you said to her right, let's wait and see.
Juliana: Okay but do you know that she is in love with me??
Lucho: Yeah I thought that may be she forgot you but no, she comes daily to see you in the night before sleeping and also comes to see you in the morning before you go that I got to know 2 days back from Ermo.
Juliana: OMG!!
Lucho: Don't worry as well as don't stress yourself about that she will be okay just looking at you. No need of thinking about it too much.
Juliana: That I know she saw me kissing Mario at the party but she haven't said anything to me. If I was in her situation then it would become a war between us.
Lucho: OMG!! You kissed Mario in front of Val.
Juliana: Yeah after that I talked to her then only I don't know what came into me I just kissed her.
Lucho: Okay but what now?? You want to try this with her or else?? No I don't want to think that. Just try it, you will get surprised by her love towards you.
Juliana: Okay but what if I hurt her??
Lucho: You can't because I know whenever and also whatever the situation she will be in, if she see your face she will be happy. Do you remember the last year when you had a crush on Rudy.
Juliana: Yeah please don't tell me she knows about it.
Lucho: Yep she knows about it and also she enquired about him then got to know he is no good for you, so she herself made it clear to him to stay away from him.
Juliana: So she was not jealous or something.
Lucho: No she wasn't. She always wanted for you the best. I don't know why she thought she will be not good for you.
Juliana: Yeah I don't know why but I am glad that at least now I know about her.
Lucho: Okay you know what if I am not wrong you will get a call from her now.
Juliana: Now

I haven't finished my sentence in between I got a call from Valentina then I answered it and Bluetooth was on my car so it connected to it then she said

Valentina: Babe I reached home and what about you? Do you reached? Where are you??
Lucho: She is in her car driving and we haven't reached yet.
Valentina: Lucho shut up.
Juliana: Okay Valentina now sleep I will be alright, you know tomorrow what you have to do right??
Valentina: Yeah Babe.

She haven't said bye to me and just cut the call then came Lucho house then he said

Lucho: Take care of yourself as well as her. Stay happy. Bye.
Juliana: Bye

See people say bye when they are cutting the call or else going away from you. Then with in two minutes I reached home and messaged Valentina

Juliana: I reached home safely, I know you haven't slept now get some sleep.

Valentina: Good Night, love you Babe.

Juliana: Good Night, Bye.

No reply from her and I am wondering why didn't she said bye then I went to freshen up and changed my clothes and slept on bed. Then I got a video call from Valentina then I answered it then she said

Valentina: Babe I am not able to sleep, so I thought if I see you once I will get sleep.
Juliana: Valentina Why won't you say bye to me??
Valentina: I don't want any conversation with you to end with that and also I can't able to see you walk away from me, so whenever we meet I myself goes from there so that I don't want to see that.
Juliana: How can you love me like this you idiot??
Valentina: I love you
Juliana: That's it no explanation or no reason for that.
Valentina: I just saw you and then thought I can't able to breathe for sometime. Literally you take my breathe away whenever I see you.
Juliana: Idiot now Shut up, you have to take care of yourself if you want me in your life.
Valentina: You know Babe actually you are blushing.

My god how can I not she just says things like that which will just touches heart

Juliana: No I am not but I am feeling sleepy, you want to stay in line or else should I cut the call.
Valentina: I myself wanted to say it don't cut the call I want to see you while sleeping, I myself also sleep while looking at you.
Juliana: Good Night Idiot
Valentina: Good Night Babe.

I slept and suddenly in the midnight I woke up and saw Idiot sleeping then I cut the call and then I slept.

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