Chapter 1-Meeting Harry

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'beeeep beep beep beeep' my alarm clock went off loud in my ear. Jumping out of bed I looked across my large bedroom floor at the clothes sprawled across it. Running across my bed and jumping to the floor I grabbed a pair of jodhpurs and an old polo shirt. After quickly changing I ran out the door, down the stairs and into the open living room, looking at my long curly red hair in the mirror, gosh, I thought, I wish it wasn't so red. Mum says I have beautiful hair and any other colour wouldn't looked good with my facial features but I think she just doesn't want any boys to like me or something odd like that.

"Good morning, so what are your plans for the first day of summer holidays?" asked Dad as he scanned the newspaper in front of him.

I laughed "Well I was thinking of taking Trib for a ride maybe a gallop then working at the stables for the rest of the day" I shrugged my shoulders, it was the holidays I could do any thing I wanted, almost.

There was always something going on at Open Meadow Stables, I'd heard that the bosses son was coming down to stay with his Dad, the boss, for the summer and was very good looking and extremely charming but that was the gossip from the girls at school and they constantly exaggerated such things, but I was going to trust there word and take a peak for myself.

Mum placed a hot plate of pancakes on the table and looked at me with a smile. Looking at the pancakes I saw steam rising off hot caramel and glanced up at mum as I quickly sat down in front of the tempting pancakes. Only one word came to my mind. Yum.

"A fresh and yummy start to the holidays" Mum said with a twinkle in her eye as she reply to my inquiring look as I started to eat the pancakes with incredible speed.

After finishing the pancakes and cleaning away the plates on the table I put on my boots, grabbed an carrot out of the fridge and walked outside. I took a deep breath of the fresh country air and smiled , the holidays, I thought, finally. I was planning to make the most of my holidays getting Trib my large dapple grey stock horse gelding fit and ready again since I had given him an eight week break and he had gained a lot of weight over the two months.

I strolled into the stables and smiled as the familiar scent of hay and horses wafted through the air, oh boy I had missed riding every day and walking into the old stables.

" What are you smiling about?' asked Joe with a wink and a chuckle, Joe was one of the younger stable hands who had a natural way with horses, his glossy black hair and mischievous ways always caught him in trouble though he brought more sunshine and laughter to the stables.

"The holidays!" I said with a dramatic dance into the air and pretending to waft the fresh air towards my nose, "real freedom, at last!"

Joe chuckled and shook his head going back to mucking out Misty's stable.

I laughed then walked over to Tribs stable pulling the carrot id gotten from the fridge out of my back pocket and placing it on my flat hand. Trib snatched the carrot from my hand and contently chewed the juicy carrot.

I grabbed his tack from the small tack room and placed all of his gear on the saddle rack next to the tacking up area. Quickly I grabbed his bright rainbow headstall from the hook, walked into his stable and soon walked out with Trib prancing behind my heals. He knew I was going to take him for a ride.

Tying his rope in a quick release knot, I started tacking up making sure all his white boots were on tightly as I wanted to take him for a long gallop after warming up and I couldn't afford to lose any of his new boots.

Buckling up the strap of my helmet around my chin then gathering Tribs reins together and smoothly mounting, I smiled, it felt good to be up so high again.

As Trib trotted smartly along the trail leading directly to Open Meadow Stables I looked around at the green grass and tall trees. It was so peaceful. All I could hear was the birds chirping and the constant clip clop of Tribs hooves.

I sighed, I had missed this so much.

∞ ∞ ∞

I wonder if true love is real, I thought and sighed again, well if it is real my Romeo would run to some faraway place if he knew I was to be his Juliet!

And I laughed because of my dreamy ways. I had always wished that I could run away to some place where everything from the land to my soul and hair was perfect.

Coming across the galloping strip which marked 15 minutes away from the stables I stopped Trib and looked around if I accidentally came across someone on a nervous horse and I was galloping it could end very badly.

Seeing no one in my way I shortened my reins and lined Trib up along the track.

"The crowd is going wild a race between the two all time race horse champions and two best jockeys of the year for two different countries are lining up at the start of history! And they are off!" I yelled with the voice of a commentator.

I leant forward on Tribs necked and slackened the reins as I clapped my heels to his sides with a small buck of happiness Trib took off at a flat gallop, legs beating in a constant rhythm.

"Wooooooooohooooooo! Yeeha!" I screamed at the top of my lungs feeling wild and free.

With the wind slapping my grinning face I slipped into an unknown world. I was at a race track and beneath me was trib but we were racing next to other horses with jockeys on there backs and I looked down I was wearing my two favourite colours purple and green with the big number 2 printed in black letters on the front of my jockeys shirt. I laughed as I looked at the crowd; they were going wild as each person seemed to be watching me and cheering me on. Then all of a sudden a black horse and rider came from nowhere and began to run in front of the track from about ten metres away.

Jerking back into reality I pulled on the reins and leant back in the saddle.

"Wow up Trib!" I yelled a soothingly as I could giving the current situation.

Trib suddenly sat back on his haunches as he pulled to a stop inches from the black horse as it reared up kicking its front legs out as its rider toppled over its shoulder and onto the ground. The rider groaned as the black horse landed on its all fours then continued to rear up again.

I quickly dismounted giving Trib a smooth pat along his neck I gently dropped his reins. "wow buddy don't go anywhere" I said quietly and calmly as i approached the black horse with my hand held out talking to him soothingly, the black horse was so beautiful, it was purely jet black and at a guess was a well-trained yet mischievous Warm Blood worth a lot of money.

As the horse came back down to its all four legs and stayed firmly in spot I grabbed its reins and looked around at the grassy meadows around us we had only been galloping for about five minutes, damn, I thought, I had hoped to go for another 5 minutes.

I looked down at the rider as he clambered onto his feet and dusted off his jodhpurs, then he looked up with dazzling blue eyes and a face etched with dirt I couldn't help but laugh.

"Are you laughing at me?" he asked with a twinkle in his star like eyes and pointing a dirty finger at his oh so chiselled chest. He had twinkling blue eyes, he rode horses he had the body of a god from what I could see and he had an English accent, i thought, I must be dreaming.

"Yes well look at you!" I said pointing at him then continuing to laugh.

After finally pulling myself together I looked at him, I didn't know what to say I didn't know why I had been laughing I mean it wasn't that funny.

He put his hand out "Hey im Harry by the way and ,uh, this is Lexous" he said pionting at the black horse, Lexous.

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