Olive Branch

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Alex couldn't exactly say she was pleased to see Jerry on the other side of her door. Especially since she wasn't the one who answered the knock, Georgia beating her to it.

"Oh, great. She fucking you, too?" Jerry growled, looking Georgia up and down. Alex commended her friend on keeping her cool because she would have decked the asshole.

"Of course." Georgia grinned, leaning her shoulder against the frame. "Don't you know gay women just can't help themselves when they get around one another? Just have to scissor all night long or else we turn into hairy werewolves and eat little pricks like you. Alex, who the fuck is this guy, and why is he at your door?"

For once, Jerry was silent, clearly not anticipating running into someone who could best him right off the bat.

"Unfortunately, he's my delivery boy."

"From what fucking restaurant?" Georgia gaped.

"Chang's. What do you want, Jerry?" Alex frowned, coming to stand beside Georgia.

"I ain't your delivery boy," he muttered as he shoved a message from Lee into her hands and then took off without so much as a word of explanation or goodbye.

"What was that all about? Forget to settle a bill?"

"No," Alex distractedly answered, eyes on the paper in her hand. "He's an Insider for the Underground. Lee sends messages through him..."

The letter was definitely written in Lee's hand, but Alex was having trouble understanding the invitation.


I would like to invite you to dinner Underground this Friday at seven. Bring your beautiful self and a dish of your choosing. Can't wait to see you. Goliath will be on the lookout.

P.S. Mother and Em will be joining us. Not my idea...sorry.


Alex had to re-read the last line at least a dozen times to make the words stick, and even then, it was hard to grasp. Rebecca wanted to see her? Have dinner with her? Be civil with her?

This is a trap, the cynical part of her mind whispered the immortal words of Admiral Akbar. Lee probably didn't even write this. Which left Alex in quite a tight spot. Go and possibly walk into her death – again – or stay and miss an opportunity to see Lee. And what was this about bringing food?

"Bad news from wolf-girl?"

"I'm not...sure how to take it." Alex handed over the letter so Georgia could come to her own conclusions. The PI hummed in understanding as she read.

"Looks like a 'meet the parents' dinner. Best of luck with that. Wait, what night did she say she wants you over?"


"Because of the full moon!" Georgia giggled, gathering her papers and checking her phone for missed calls. "Damn, dad called and I missed him. Anyway, I was only half-joking with that Jersey idiot. Gotta track the lunar cycle now that you have a bite on your neck."

Alex flushed scarlet and fought to keep from absently touching the healing set of puncture marks just shy of the junction where her neck and shoulders met. Lee hadn't meant to do it-caught up in the swell of natural instincts and lust-and felt awful until discovering Alex had a very powerful, very pleasant reaction to the bite.

Needless to say, Alex had markings in places Georgia would never see, but she couldn't hide them all.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny. I'm shocked you're not doing a silver test on me."

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