Chapter 19 - "Always."

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Maira's POV

As I was dancing with Alberto, I saw Lisa leaving with my brother Dylan. I was surprised to see him here. I didn't think that he would come. I knew that he never liked anyone near me and till this point I still had no idea why he was so overprotective. It could be so exhausting sometimes.

It also seemed like Lisa and Dylan were having a good time. I mean, they kept on sneaking off. I was happy that Dylan finally accepted the fact that Lisa was my best friend and it would always stay that way.

"Are you enjoying this?" Alberto asked as he was still holding me whilst we were moving our hips on the beat of the music. I smiled softly as I nodded my head. I was still holding his shoulder. I never really danced with someone else.

"It is new but I like it." I said with a smile and Alberto chuckled softly.

"You only like it?" He asked as he came a bit closer. I looked at him as I saw his lips getting closer to mine.

"I love it." I said with a smile and he laughed softly. I saw him coming in and my heart started to pound. Was he going to kiss me? It couldn't be... He was just a good friend of mine.

"Can I take the birthday princess for a dance?" I heard a familiar voice ask. When I turned around my head, I saw Matthew standing there. He was wearing a black t-shirt as usual with a pair of black jeans. His hair was a bit messy but it looked quite sexy.

He had a slight smirk on his face as he was waiting for my respond.

"Of course." I heard Alberto say but I could hear the annoyance in his voice. I could tell that he wasn't a fan of Matthew. He never really was. Matthew just glanced at Alberto. Alberto looked at me with a look 'I will be back soon, take care of yourself'.

Alberto walked away and Matthew stared at me. He held my hand and then pulled me a bit closer to him. My body bounced on his and his left hand covered my whole back. With just one hand he pushed me against his body as we were moving together on the beat of the music.

"Are you always so awfully quiet when you dance with someone?" Matthew asked and I just looked at him. His hazel greenish eyes were still staring into mine.

"Do you always stare at someone?" I asked and he chuckled.

"Only at beautiful things." He answered and I just awkwardly nodded my head.

"I never got to say thank you." I said after a minute of silence. Matthew looked confused when I mentioned this as if he did not remember what had happened.

"For?" He still asked confused.

"For pulling me away before I got run over by a car." I said and his mouth slightly opened.

"Always." He just said and I gave him a small smile.

"You know you are beautiful right?" He asked and I laughed.

"You don't seem to be shy about it." I said and Matthew just smiled as he looked down.

"I intend to take what I think I like." He said and I just smiled. I saw from the corner of my eye that Alberto walking towards us. I saw Matthew sighing and rolling his eyes as Alberto approached us.

"Lisa called you." Alberto said.

"She said she is waiting for you outside." He then added and I nodded.

"I will see you later." I told both Alberto and Matthew before walking away from them. Lisa never really called me if she had to say something... She would always just tell me whenever she saw me. I guess she may have another surprise.

I walked through the hallway. The music was slowly fading away and the only sound I could hear was my heels that was clenching against the steel floor as I was taking my steps. I saw a door that had written on it 'exit'. I opened the door and walked out but I did not see Lisa there.

I frowned as I was looking around but still saw no sign of her. She may have left or she was still with Dylan. The outside space wasn't the entrance but I guess where the trash was dumped. Two massive containers were placed there with a lot of junk in it.

My eyes caught the attention of the familiar car that was parked. The same car that was there the night and had almost killed me. I slowly looked away and tried to open the door but it was locked.

I saw that the two men that were sitting in the car, stepping out now. I quickly ran of the small stairs and ran to the opening where I assumed was a road.

I felt my heart pounding and each half second I turned my head around to briefly look if the two men were still following me. They were still chasing me and I saw that one of them had a gun and the other one had knife.

My heart was racing and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath anymore. I stumbled and fell down. I heard something crack and when I looked down I saw that one of the heels had cracked. I quickly took both of them of and ran. I turned my head again and saw that they were still following me. I heard a gun shot and before I knew I felt my shoulder almost failing. I fell down and screamed in pain.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" I screamed at them as I saw them getting closer. I moved away from them as much as I could and heard the noises that cars mostly made.

"Maira Sherwood." One man said slowly in a foreign accent. My hands were shaking and I still tried to move myself away. I kicked one in their place and the other I pushed away when I stood up.

I felt someone holding me and a knife was pressed against my arm. As I pushed the man away, the knife caused to cut me deeply. I screamed in agony and some tears formed in my eyes. I was gasping out of pain and ran again. If I did not, they would kill me.

I saw that my dress was fully covered with blood by now and my arm, and shoulder was slowly getting numb. I ran and smiled out of relief when I saw cars. I saw the entrance which I hoped would be of the hall everyone celebrated my birthday.

"Maira!" I heard a British accent shout and I saw Dominic running towards me. I stumbled and almost fell down. Before I fell, Dominic held me quickly and tightly.

"Maira, what happened?" He quickly asked as he was trying to look at me. I felt my body giving up and failing. My vision was blurry because of my tears and when I closed it, it streamed down my face up to my ear as I was facing Dominic up.

"T-The men." I stuttered as I held my hand up with difficulty, pointing it at the hallway I came out running.

"What?" He asked confused and I saw him looking up. That's when I heard Matthew and the rest coming out.

"What the fuck happened?" I heard Matthew ask in surprise. He quickly came and held me as Dominic was still looking up. I heard a car rushing out.

"I-its them." I stuttered softly and before I knew Dominic let go of me and Matthew quickly held me up. Dominic ran towards the car together with Alberto as the rest were circling around me.

"Maira, just hold on. I am calling the ambulance." I heard Kat's voice say but it was fading away. My eyes were rolling back to my head and before I knew, I lost my conscious.

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