Chapter 6

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You stood in Factionless' home, talking to Four about something when you heard the shouts of someone.

"Help! Please help!" Someone shouted and everyone reacted rather quickly, moving towards the sound. You followed it and you noticed 3 people, walking towards the edge as they chanted something about Tris. You saw Tris and Tori look at each other before running up .You followed behind Tori and climbed up as fast as they kept getting closer to the edge. You looked at them just when they stepped off the edge. You looked away quickly and you could hear Tris call out Christina's name before hearing a loud, disgusting splat. You slowly looked down to see the blonde hair girl on the ground, her body in an unnatural way with both Eric and Four staring at the body. Christina was pulled back up by Tori and Tris while Four confirmed that the girl was dead. The body was soon removed as well as the little thing inside her body. Evelyn was holding up before speaking to the whole room.

"We removed this from the body of the suicidal." She spoke and someone else spoke up.

"Marlene. Her name was Marlene." The girl said and Evelyn apologized before Tori started to explain the serum of the thingy.

"so, I'm guessing it's not removable?" You asked and Tori looked at you before shaking her head.

"This tech was built to defend itself. This tendril wraps around the nearest major artery. If you try to remove them... It kills the host." She said and you frowned before looking at Eric.

"You don't happen to know anything?" You asked silently to not let others here. Not everyone knew, so...

"No. I have the same." He said, lifting his shirt to reveal one as well. "Since you're my wife, Jeanine wanted to be sure that she could trust me. I did not know she would kill me with it." He said and you frowned.

"Sorry to be your wife, I guess." You joked and he rolled his eyes. You focused back on everything else only to hear everyone saying that Tris should be given to Erudite. You didn't say anything, knowing it would do nothing except maybe you being thrown out. Not when your kids finally had a proper beds as did you. The last house was okay, but the beds basically fell apart. When the commotion was over, you went to your room and greeted your daughter before taking your son in your arms. You smiled at him and booped his nose, making him squeal in happiness. You walked to the bed and laying down and putting Jay on top of you. He squealed again and you chuckled, missing the staring of Eric.

-Time skip-

Yep, Tris did it again. She caused chaos once again when everyone was asleep and went to Erudite. Four was asking people for help and of course you said yes, feeling bad immediately feeling bad for leaving your kids. Abigail said it was completely okay and that you should go as quick as possible, telling she would take care of Jay. Only Four would enter, you and Eric would enter with the rest when you got the signal. Finally, after 30 minutes, you received an signal and you all stormed inside. You entered the control room and shot a guard that was about to kill Four. You looked as Evelyn and Jeanine talked. She was dragged past you as well as Caleb. Evelyn then put on all the screens in the city before playing some message. The message revealed a woman, who couldn't be older than 30...

"Hello." She started and you looked at Eric, who shrugged.

"I come from outside the wall. Where we have all destroyed each other. We designed your city as an experiment. We believed it was the only way to recover the humanity we had lost. And we created factions to ensure peace. But we believed that there will be those among you who will transcend these factions. These will be the Divergent. They are the true purpose of the experiment. They are vital to humanity's survival." You looked at Eric again with a smile.

"If you're watching this now than at least one of you are proof that our experiment has succeeded. The time has come for you to emerge from your isolation and rejoin us. We have allowed you to believe that you're the last of us, but you're not. Mankind waits for you, with hope, beyond the wall." She finished and the screens disappeared. Everyone started to walk outside to the wall and you quickly went back to Factionless. You quickly grabbed Jay before looking at Abigail.

"Let's go for a new life outside the wall, shall we?" You said and she smirked before following you outside. You smiled back at Eric, who smirked back before you followed the mob of people that went outside. But when you arrived at the gate, you were stopped by the Factionless.

-Time skip to the 3th movie (Imma skip to 5 months)-

You couldn't believe the people in front of you, people who you thought were people who couldn't hurt a fly, were cheering for murder. You saw Four look around with a murderess gaze and you frowned, hugging Jay closer to yourself as protection. 

"And I yield to the wishes of the people. It's time that we break from the past!" Evelyn yelled and you frowned. Everyone started to shout again and you gulped.

"I don't w<ant to die." Max said and Evelyn smirked. "Neither did your sheep." She replied and suddenly Eric stood next to you, turning you around so you were facing him. A shot was heard and a loud thud followed, then cheering once again. You turned back around, telling Eric you were okay.

"There was a time I would have said: I leave you with love, not malice. That time has passed." Johanna said loud enough for people to hear as she stepped away from Evelyn. She was followed by multiple people and you wanted to too, so you did. Eric did to as did Abigail. People didn't push you though, probably because of Jay. Tobias followed as well as did Tris. You stood outside and frowned at the sight of the destroyed city. The next day was just as horrible, but it bettered almost immediately when Tris came your way and told you about the escape. You were waiting in the car with your whole family as Tris stood as guard. You noticed that Four arrived with Caleb before pushing him in the bushes and shooting at him. Your eyes widen, but you laugh when you saw Caleb's head pop out of the bushes. Four entered the car after and you smiled at him as he started to engine.

"You okay there, buddy." "Shut it, (y/n)." He replied and you laughed. Unfortunately, you were stopped when Peter spotted you and of course joined you. Then when you were stopped by the gates, you were saved by Christina. 

"That girl is a legend." You said as she climbed in as well, filling the last place in the car. You met with Tori at the wall and geared up, making sure that Jay was secure on Eric's back. You climbed up the wall , being pulled up by the attached wire. Christina went to cut the wires of the fence, but got electrocuded instead, flying back down. You could hear cars approaching as Tris and Four climbed down again. Not even seconds later you heard something explode as Tris and Four came back up. The whole fence suddenly lost electricity and Christina and you started to cut the wires while Tori shot everyone.

"We did it." Tris said and you wanted to respond, but were cut of when Tori suddenly crashed sideways. Blood seeped through the back of her shirt, but you ignored that. You didn't want to start crying again. Jay was crying loudly and when you landed on safe ground, you took him in your arms again. Abigail was staring at the fence in shock before letting out a small sob. Poor kid loved Tori... You walked through the woods and looked at Eric, who was just frowning.

"Everything okay?" "Was this really a good idea for us? For Abigail? Jay?" He asked and you looked at Abigail.

"No and yes. We could've stayed their until Jay grew up and then regret that decision for the rest of our lives or risk it all. We decided the latter... And I would never forgive myself if anything happened to either of them, but I could also not forgive myself for letting them grow up in that place." You said and he nodded before following the rest. You finally got out of the woods and groaned as you were met with an orange land escape. A no man's land, basically...

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