Oikawa x reader x Kageyama

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You, Kageyama and Oikawa were childhood friends. Both you and Kageyama are at the same age and Oikawa is 3 years older than the both of you.

All of you know each other very well. But 1 thing you didn't know about them is that both of them had a crush on you.

At the age of 12, your parents decided to move to America. You knew you would miss Kageyama and Oikawa a lot.

You promised them to polish your volleyball skills as a setter and come back to Japan as a pro player.

They were the one who introduced you to volleyball. You loved volleyball because of them.

In America, you didn't even contacted Oikawa and Kageyama. You didn't know what happened to them and they didn't know what happened to you.

Years later when you're 15 years old...

You decided to go back to Japan and you got permission from your parents.

You went back to Japan by yourself and lived in a small apartment.

You enrolled in a school called Karasuno.

First day of school...

You were at the hallway finding your class. Then you accidently bumped into a really tall figure.



You lifted up your head and look at the person who called you.

It was Kageyama.

"Kageyama? It's been 3 years! How are you?"

You were so relieved that both of you enrolled in the same school.

Then suddenly the school bell rang.

"Oh, shoot! Kageyama, talk to you later. At the canteen!"

Kageyama nod his head and walked away from you.

Break time...

You went to the canteen and finally found Kageyama.

"So how have you been? How are your sets?" You asked him with curiousity.

"I'm fine... My sets are still in progress."

"Me too."

Both of you didn't know what to say and awkward silence came.

Suddenly you came up with a question.

"So... How's Oikawa?"

Kageyama heard your question was surprised and froze for a while.

"Uh... you didn't know do you?"

You gave him a confused look.


"A year after you left Japan, both of us had a fight and never talk to each other anymore."

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