The Evil Eye

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Those with an evil heart seem to have a talent of destroying anything beautiful which is about to bloom.

Writer's pov

Things were going smooth between Vikram and Akira. They used to meet every now and then and Kids couldn't be more happier! Vikram however had to supress his growing feelings for Akira, since she was not interested in any kind of relationship. He did not want to loose whatever cordial bond they had developed in these past few weeks.
On the other side, Smriti was engaging Akira in her trousseau work. These two ladies came even closer.
The wedding was scheduled for the last week of the month.

Smriti made sure that the entire Singh family was involved in her wedding.
She also informed Tai maa sa to prepare for their stay.
Since the wedding was to be held in their ancestral Palace. And they were leaving coming week.

Akira took care of all the trousseau personally for the wedding.
She was also taking her PA for assistance.

So the Big day came and today both the singhs and Rathores were leaving for Udaipur.
Akira was nervous since she did not forget her last visit but Vikram assured her that nothing wrong is going to happen.

They reached the Palace and Tayi maa gave a warm welcome to Akira and family.

She was so happy to see the bond between Vikram and Akira... But she refrained herself from making any comment.

She introduced The Rajvanshis to the Singh Family.

Two days Later,

Today was the Haldi ceremony!
The while garden area was adorned with yellow flowers and colourful Rajasthani umbrellas.
Folk dancers were performing and guests from all over the whole were present.

A translucent silk partition was made for bride and groom side.

Akira was so mesmerized to see the arrangements. It reminded her that how she had missed all these pre-wedding rituals in her marriage. But she Shrugged the feeling...for It was not the time to sulk but to enjoy the happiness.

Smriti walked elegantly towards the stage. She looked like a doll.
Akira had designed a pastel yellow Lehenga combined with pastel pink for Smriti...and she was adorned with flower jewelry.

Akira was wearing a yellow skirt and a white silk shirt. She had let her hair open and wore a simple but elegant diamond set. She herself was attracting a lot of attention oblivious to her, particularly a pair of lustfull eyes were watching her.

Meanwhile, Vikram eyes were following her everywhere. He watched her every move with admiration.

Tayi maa sa started the ceremony, applying haldi to Smriti followed by All the reltives.
Akira also applied haldi to the chirping bride.
Later, Vikram came and applied Haldi to his baby sister. He then patted her read with love and She became emotional.

He walked out teary eyed....!

Everyone was busy enjoying the celebration and just then, Akira's phone buzzed.

You are breathtaking, sweetheart! - your secret admirer

She frowned at the random msg but ignored it. She walked away from the crowd to check on the unknown number.

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