Chapter 27- "Come On Boys" ❤️

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I get put of the house and whip out my phone, and dial Liams number

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I get put of the house and whip out my phone, and dial Liams number. My hands shaking in the process. I put the phone up to my ear with my shake hand and I hear a faint 'hello' from the other end.

"I know where she is, further in california, get here now!" I say, as I walk onto the next street next to Rosabells House. Suddenly, a blue rang rover pulls up. I open the door and pull it open, jumping in the front seat. I look back to see Noah and Lucas in the back. I smile at them and turn back to Liam.
"The police said she is near Aston Road!" I say and Liam nods. He starts to drive and I sit back and relax.
"Who is this, Rosabell girl anyway?" Naoh Asks as he throws a peice of popcorn at me. I glare at him.
"You remember that girl who you saw at the mall and I talked to?" I ask and he nods.
"That's her." I say, then Liam whistles.
"Aidens got a crush!" He says as he turns the radio up. Then I hear her name.
'Rosabell Lilly Kline went missing after 10am this morning and no sightings of her have been recorded. We have got news from the the school that Rosabell had left school and no one has seen her since. Stay tuned to find out more' Liam looks at me and turns the radio right down. I nod at him.
"It's OK, we will find her." I say as I lay back, and my eyes start to close.

I wake up to someone shaking me and look around, gathering my bearings. Noah nods at me and we all jump out of the car. Near an empty road. With a white bungalow of to the side, I look at Liam confused and he shrugs, we walk down the narrow road that may or may not lead to her kidnapper. I say to my self over and over again, it's now or never. We have no weapons, we are not prepared, I'm not prepared. But I will try.
"Come On Boys" Liam says as he puts his arm across my shoulder.
Small chapter I know, but I hope you enjoyed! I just want to apologise for being so inactive and also for this part of the story being so predictable and soppy but it is just getting juicy!-- PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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