Chapter six

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Mags POV

Uh! Another day of school. Great. I'm currently sitting in the kitchen, sipping coffee. Let's see. Trip down the stairs? Check. Forget to do my laundry? Check. Didn't do my homework over the weekend because of my hot neighbor? Check. *sigh* could this day get any worse? I'm betting it can't.

"darling? Sweet cheeks?" called my mom

"yeah?" I called back, with hardly any energy.

"um...I don't know how to break it to've gotta show Will around the school today," she said hesitantly

"that's fine," I lied.

My day just got worse. I have to put up with Lizzi already. Now I have to show Will around the school! I slowly dragged myself up the stairs, then knocked on Lizzi's door.

"who the heck are you you mother-f***er?" said Lizzi.

"it's Mags. Can I come in?" I asked.

"sure," she answered.

"so what now b****? you couldn't last the frickin' day without seeing this piece o' crap?" she asked, cussing nearly every other word.

"no...I forgot to do my laundry...again. So..." I said.

"I see. You daughter of a b**** came to see me to get some f***ing clothes?" she asked.

"I guess you can put it that way," I answered hesitantly.

"alright. Let's get you some clothes," she said as she got up from her bed.

Her bedroom was soooo messy. Even a roach wouldn't come in here. But, her closet was amazingly organized somehow. She tapped a hand against her hip and chewed on a nail as she looked through her clothes. She grabbed a black cardigan, a form-fitting plain green shirt, and the tightest pair of blue jeans I've ever seen.

"no way," I said, backing up.

"yes way," she said, then shrugged, "it's that or my hot pink suit. Your choice."

I grimaced. It's not gonna be a hard choice.

Scenario One:

*wolf whistle* "man, the little nerd is hot!"

Scenario Two:

*whispers* *laughter* *giggles*

"I think I'll go with scenario one," she whispered.

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