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"Our life together begins here!" said Seulgi as she nodded at the two.

They all held the door knob and opened the door together...

"SURPRISED!!!!!" everyone all yelled out. It was Wendy, Joy, Mamamoo, and BlackPink.

Irene and Seulgi looked at each other, questioning who planned all this. They both looked at Yeri who was smiling.

"You planned this Yerimie?" said the two.

Yeti nodded.

The two both kissed Yeri on her cheeks and thanked her.

"Hey Seul" said Moonbyul.
"Oh hey Moon!!"
"We got a surprise for you!"
"Another one?"

Irene places both her hands onto Seulgi's face to cover her eyes and guided outside to the backyard.

"1...2... 3..." Irene counted.
"CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PROMOTION!!!" said everyone. Outside at the backyard it was SNSD, 2ne1, Wonder Girls, Dreamcatcher, Twice, EXID, and her past group Girls Next Door. There were all there to congratulate Seulgi on her promotion for being the CEO of S.M.

"Wow! Thanks guys!" Seulgi thanked all of them.

All the older groups were all catching up with each other, while the rookie groups had their own thing.

"WHAT?!?You mean to say that you guys are dating?!?" Yeri exclaimed.
"Yeah!" said Nayeon.
"So.. Who's dating who?" Yeri asked.
"Well, me i'm dating Jeonyeong, Mina is dating Chaeyoung, Tzuyu is dating Momo, and Dahyun is dating Sana" Nayeon explained.
"How about Jihyo?" Yeri questioned.
"Oh Jihyo, she's a noodle but she's dating Daniel"
"Who's that?"
"God knows who" Nayeon laughed.
"So since when did all you guys started dating?" Yeri asked.
"Since we made each other feel special!" Twice replied.

Yeri looked over at Dreamcatcher and noticed that they were acting a bit strange.

"You guys good?" Yeri asked.
"Yeah... Why wouldn't we?" said Jiu.
"You guys are acting acting weird"
"OKAY FINE!!" Jiu exclaimed.
"I'm dating Handong, we weren't planning on telling anyone yet..." said Jiu.
"Really?! You guys too!" said Yeri.
"Anyone else are dating... If you guys are then come out" said Nayeon.

Siyeon, Gahyeon, and Sua raised their hand.

"Who are you guys dating?" Nayeon questioned.
"Sua and I are dating" said Siyeon.

Everyone looked at Gahyeon, waiting for her to reveal who she's dating.

"I'm with Yoohyeon"
"And you Sua?"

Sua pointed at Siyeon.

"Ahhh!!!" said everyone.
"Wait... how about you Dami?"
"Oh me...? Uhhh..." Dami stuttered.
"She's a player! She got hella girls in her contacts" Jiu whispers.
"I DO NOT!" Dami said defensively.

Everyone all laughed.

After a long day of catching up with friends and family, the three were finally left alone in their home.

"Kim Yerim! What do you and your friends talked about today??" Seulgi asked.
"Umm.... Nothing..." said Yeri.
"You hesitated! You hesitated just now!!! What did you talked about!?!?" Seulgi questioned Yeri.
"We just talked about training! We're planning on training together"
"You better not lie to Seulgi" said Irene.
"I'm not! I'm bored let's do something"
"Do what?" Irene asked.
"Let's play a game!!!"
"Oohhh!!! I know a fun game!!!" said Seulgi.
"What is it?" Irene questioned.

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