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I've gotten myself into a situation and I can't get out. Well I can I just don't know how. I am currently dating someone. I thought she was the prettiest girl in the school. Her name is Olivia. She really isn't that interesting besides from the part that she's popular. And no I'm not dating her because she's popular. There was a point where I really liked her. But then I saw this other girl. Katie.

She doesn't really talk to me but we are in the same math class and lunch period.

We'll get back to that though. The issue I have is that I don't have feelings for Olivia anymore. I really did at one point. We weren't dating yet when I saw Katie. I liked Olivia for about a week. Then we were sitting in a class and she started asking me a bunch of questions about someone that I liked. I told her it was Katie but then she said that she had a crush.

Obviously I wanted to know. So since I told her she told me and she said it was me. I don't know why I didn't just sit there and not react or I should've just said ok. But she said she liked me and my dumb self said that I liked her back. I'm so stupid. And if I tell her that we need to break up she'll get mad at me and won't be friends with me anymore. But it's not fair to her. I just don't like her like that.

Katie on the other hand is who I want. She's perfect to me. She's really smart and funny. To me she's just better than Olivia. Olivia even says she loves me and I can't say it back. Not when I don't mean it.

I can't believe it's the last year of high school and I am this confused. I should've just focused on my work finished off high school like that.

Either way I've been thinking about this for about three weeks and I'm going to break up with her today.

Me and Katie have been talking more and we're friends now. So now is the perfect time.

But not really. It was the weekend and I did not plan on going out of my house so I decided to text Olivia instead. I don't care if it wasn't a good way to break up with her but I just needed to end it.

"Hey Y/n".

"Hey so um we need to talk".

"About what".

"I think we should break up".

"But why".

"Because we will just be better off as friends".

Then she hung up on me. I think she was crying but I couldn't clearly tell. I didn't want to make her mad or upset with me I just didn't like her anymore.

Since that's done, Now all I have to do is worry about Monday and how I'm going to get Katie.

<time skip to Monday>
Today is the day I'm going to try and ask out Katie.

It was the middle of the day and I noticed something weird. Olivia was talking to Katie.

I tried to walk up to them but Olivia pulled Katie away and ran off with her.

The rest of the week Katie would ignore me every time I tried to talk to her. Except for this time.

I got tired of her ignoring me. Luckily she was walking home today so I decided I was going to walk with her.

"Hey Katie can we please talk". "Y/n can you please just go away I can't talk to you". "Why not what have I done to you. It was Olivia wasn't it what did she say to you". "It doesn't matter Y/n". Then I ran up and stood in front of her.

"It was her wasn't it. What did she say to you". "She told me to stay away from you because your hers. She said if she saw me talking to you that I wouldn't like what would happen". "Why would she say that to you. You don't even like me".

"Your so clueless. You really think I don't like you. I stare at you like all the time. I get if you don't like me back though". "Of course I do that's why I've been trying to talk to you the whole week".

I kissed her real quick and then said "I'm going to go talk to Olivia I'll see you tomorrow".

I talked to Olivia. Let's just say she's not coming back to my school.

I saw Katie at school the next day and walked up to her.

"Katie I don't believe I have properly asked you out so will you go out with me". "Yes" she said laughing a little. "Ok I'll pick you up at eight". Then I kissed her on her check and left.

A/n: sorry this is bad.

So I got my nose pierced and my dad hates it and now him and my mom are arguing because my mom took me to get it after my dad told her that I couldn't. But do me or my mom care nope. Also I'm a twin and I forgot my birthday was this month. Which is weird because me and my sister share a room and she won't stop talking about it. My birthdays on the 19th so I only have 14 days left. I'm not even excited for my birthday. Yeah that's it bye.

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