Chapter 32- donah

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1 week later

Zach's POV
I get out todayyyy!!!!
I'm so excited to get out of this hell hole.
Today, Jack has a date planned for us, but it's a surprise. It's been the only thing on my head other than seeing a couple things happen between Jonah and Daniel. So that's just made this week longer.

I wonder what the date is though, maybe the movies or a restaurant. Ooo! Maybe a picnic?! It could be anything. Ughhh. I wanna know!

While I'm lost in my thoughts Jack, Daniel, and Jonah walk in the room. Christina sadly left back to New York a while ago so Corbs is FaceTiming her.

"Jack! Just tell me what the date is!" I exclaim.

"No! It's a surprise! You'll find out today" he tells me.

"Ughhhhhhh!" I say.

Jack just laughs at me. I then look at Daniel and Jonah. They are just laughing. They look like they're be a cute couple. Plus, they look like they like each other. My gaydar goes off when I'm around them.

Yes, my 'gaydar'.
Ooo! I have an idea to see if they like each other.

"Guys, before I get out, which is like in a hour, let's play truth or dare!" I say.

"Yeah!" They all say.

We all sit next to each other.

"Okay, I'll start." Daniel says.
"Zach, truth or dare?"

"Umm, dare!" I say.

"I dare you to kiss Jack!" He says.

"Okay, easy!" I say.

I give Jack a quick peck on the lips.

"Okay, Jonah, truth or dare?" I say.

"Dare." He says

I then smile at his answer. Operation Donah is happening!

"I dare you to... kiss Dani on the lips!" I say.
Jack gives me a confused look and then goes 'ohhh' .
I just smile back at him.
Daniel looks at Jonah with a bright red blush on his cheeks. Same thing with Jonah.

They lean in and kiss. I count to 3
"1! 2! 3!" I say.
But, they keep kissing.
Yes! I look at Jack and smile. He smiles back.
"Okay, Okay! Get a room Donah!" I laugh.

They then pull apart and their faces are bright red. They look at Jack and I, then at each other.
They smile.

"Daniel, will you be my boyfriend?" Jonah asks Dani.

"Of course!" Daniel says.
They hug.

Jack and I 'aww' quietly.
Jack then high fives me because my plan worked.

We spend the rest of our time playing more games.

Time skip to an hour later

My mom just signed me out of the hospital. I hop into the car with Jack.
What a good feeling to finally get out of this place.
Next stop, our date!

I hate being sick:(

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