Chapter 1- *Part 2*

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-----------------ROSE P.O.V-----------------

I was going in and out of consciousness I remember going into a really bright room and someone saying "oh my god! What happened?" before blacking out again, I was awake again I could here beeping, but I couldn't open my eyes no matter how hard I tried, I got tired and gave up for awhile until I heard voices

"Hey how's she doing? Any change?" a female voice asked

"No, If she doesn't wake up soon, Kayla's going to wish she was never born!" replied another female voice

"I'm with you on that!" the first female replied before my head started to hurt which made me groan.

"I think she's waking" said the first female again

"I don't know she's been doing that a lot lately!" the second female said "OH MY GOD....." I groaned

"now that she hasn't been doing lately" the second female said again.

I struggled to open my eyes before someone had opened them for me and a girl with black and red hair and pale green eyes behind glasses appeared "Riley!" I said "Hey babe don't look good in your death look complete machines and a hospital gown. Good thing your parents are loaded or you wouldn't have your own room right?" riley said before giving me a hug.

"How long have been out?" "Probably 2 ½ days, today's Sunday!" she told me "let me go get the nurse sweetie." She told me leaving. Damn it, I've been out 2 ½ days which means tomorrows Monday and the first day of school! I thought when the doctor came in.

"Hi I'm Dr. Santiago." I looked up at the doctor he had a Spanish accent and looked to in his late 40's with black hair and eyes and dark tan. "I'm going ask you some questions and your going answer them do you think you can do that?" he asked.

I nodded my head, "what's your full name?" "Rose Lyn MacKinnon" "Good, how old are you? And what grade are you in?" "17 and I'm a junior in high school...11th grade" it when on like that for another 5 minutes before he finally asked "Do you remember what happened?" "Uhh.... Kind of, it's a bit fuzzy." I said "that's to be expected you were hit on the head pretty hard and the medication in your IV hasn't worn off yet, so just tell us what you can remember."

The doctor said "I remember we went to a party and I was dancing with Connor then getting into a fight with Kayla Andrews then waking up here. Can I go home now?" I told him, but I knew I was lying because as I told him this I kept remembering other things that happened. "Were going to run a few tests and see." He told me getting up.

An hour later I was given the ok to leave, "You need to take easy and I'm going to prescribe you something for your head, you need to make an appointment with your doctor for a follow up. Ok? This is a miracle you're lucky to be alive." he told me

"Wait what do you mean it's a miracle? I mean didn't I go through the normal healing process" I asked because he sounded really in awe "When you were hit with the rock you were hit pretty hardand the rock went in deep plus, you lost a lot of blood. When they brought you in your wound was healing pretty quick andhad actually stopped bleeding by then, a normal person would have either been out longer, that and died from blood loss or the impact of the rock, but you healed rather quickly only been out for 2 ½ days! That rose is a miracle and a puzzling one!" he told me wow I left with all that information swirling around in my head "Okie dokie will do doc! An thank-you!" "You're welcome! Have a good day!"

At home.....

I got out of Riley's car and walked up the drive way to my front door at the door I turned and called out "see you at school tomorrow!" "Ok babe! Text it!" she yelled back before leaving. I went inside and up to my room; thankfully no one was home yet. I looked at my clock 10:00 a.m. before putting on some black sweat pants and a black tank top, made sure my room was nice and cold before I slipped under and few minutes later I was asleep.

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