chapter fifteen

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The fun on the yacht ended a few hours ago. We had dinner on there, danced around, drank some more, and now it's about 11PM. The girls left a while ago, thanked Nate for inviting them onto the yacht for a good evening. My evening wasn't so good, things got awkward for me after I had a few drinks with - well, I don't remember her name. I'm not even sure I asked what her name was. After her third piña colada, she took me into one of the little rooms on the boat. I knew what she wanted, and I was hell bent on giving it to her. It's when she was unbuttoning my pants, that I decided against the decision. I blew her off and she got mad, ignored me for the rest of time there but I didn't care much.

Lindy wasn't mine, but letting that girl give me head felt like cheating. I missed the euphoria of sexual intercourse, so I was thinking, why not? i should let loose and have a good time with a pretty girl. But it's so pointless. Think about it deeply, and then you'll ask yourself, why would that make things any better? Maybe it'd play as a stress reliever, it sure does for some people. Not me.

I'm not that guy, anymore.

If there's anybody I'm going to be intimate with, it's Lindy. Under her call. I told Isaac about the mishap and he just shook his head at me, then told me to have a beer and join him and Alex. Alex scolded me for missing out on an opportunity and I ignored him, figuring it wasn't worth making the same argument once again. He knows how I feel about Lindy.

Anyhoo, It's almost my best friend's wedding day, and we were all currently at the best strip club in the city. 151 Rum by JID was blasting throughout the club and the guys and I sat on some black leather chairs around the stage where the pole was. A platinum blonde, thick, brown eyed beauty was busting some moves on the pole and Alex and Elliot were enjoying the sight in front of them. As cringe as it sounded, Nate threw some cash at her, then stuck some in the bra of the latex two piece she had on her body. I felt like I was in a scene from Hustlers.

Isaac and I just were drinking and conversing, enjoying the really good songs that played.

"Honestly man, I'm not into this," Isaac mumbles to me on top of the music. I raise my eyebrows and watch the guys appreciate their feminine view over howling and hyping up.

"Why are we here then?" I asked him.

"Nate and Alex planned this, not me. But it's cool. They're enjoying themselves and I'm satisfied with that." He tells me. "I just wanna be snug up in bed, drinking champagne and watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, with Madison sleeping on me naked."

I laugh, "I mean, I get that. A warming and homey feeling."

"I'm tired and I wanna go back to her," He whines. "I'm using you as my pillow tonight. Dibs on little spoon,"

I scoff in amusement, chuckling. "Fuck off,"

"What else is there planned? Do you know?" Isaac pondered and I shrug.

"I know nothing." I tell him.

You Got Me by G-Eazy was playing when a girl tapped my shoulder. She was Asian, with long brown hair and auburn highlights. Her hair was curled, wavy. She told me her name was Laia and asked me if I wanted a dance.

"Yes he does, Laia," Elliot answered before I could respond.

She grins, before hovering over me and dancing along to the music. I couldn't help but place my hands on her lower back, actually getting a thrill out of the situation at hand.

"What's your name, baby?" She whispers in my ear as her boobs pretty much smacking into my face. Felt great though - not complaining.

"Cameron." I say, and she grins.

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