Part 20

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In morning

Shivay came out from the room  and found Anika is making ready to kids. 

Shiv. Hey babies he goes near  seerat  and kissed her but when he try to touch shavi he just turned his face.  Shivaay got sad and bend his head. 

Shiv. Anika shall I drop kids today.

Sh. If he will drop me then it's fine I'll not go school. He said rudely.

Ani. Shavi baby don't be so rude. Go with him.

Sha. I said na I won't go with him and that's final.

Ani. It's ok shivaay better luck next time. Although their bus is coming so there is no need to drop them. 

Seerat. Mum I mean aunty what u made today for lunch.

Ani. Ur favourite chicken cheese pasta. She said caressing her cheek.

Seerat. Really. U r so nice aunty I love u. She wrap her arms around her neck and kissed her cheek.

Ani. Ok ok go school u guys are getting late.

Shavi. Mumma today is function in our school. So u have to come. 

Ani.  Ok baby me and ur daddy will come.

Sh. No u Only come. I've just told teacher my father is not with me so he won't come. 

Ani. Why shavi why u did it. She said shockingly

Shavi. Bcz I don't want him near me.  Chal seeti. He held her finger and left from there glaring shivaay. 

Shiv. His every word pierced my heart.  My one mistake made my son hate me to the core.  Why I did it why??why  I gave him punishment before coming in this world.

Ani.  Shivaay I think now there is not needed to get in past as u will get pain only. Jo hona tha ho Gaya now we can't change it. 

Shiv.  Tum smajao na usa. He said holding her hand.

Ani. I tried but u know he has five yrs anger in his heart for u. So when he got u then it's  obvious that he will pure it out slowly slowly. Any ways go and take rest in ur room.  I'll bring ur breakfast after that I'll leave for office.

Shiv. I'm fine. Even I'm coming with u.

Ani. No need I'll handle it.u just take  leave today. 

Shiv. Sometime I feel like if u won't be here then what would be and seerat  do.

Ani.  I m here for few days then u guys have to go back in previous routine bcz I can't stick here for whole life. 

Shiv.  Us sa Pahla I'll make u mine just wait and watch. 

Ani.  No shivay u can't fill up those wound who has been got so deep.  Saying this she left from there wiping her tears. 

After sometime.

All kids are welcoming their parents but shavi is just sitting in the corner. 

Teacher. Where is ur mother shavi.  Function gonna start soon.

Shavi. She would be coming I'm sure.

T. Ok saying this she left from there. 

Shavi. Where is mumma. He said angrily.

Meanwhile two boys came and started pulling his clothes as well as hair to tease him.

Boy. Look laksh this looser don't have any father.  Even he don't know who's his father. I've itself heard with my own ears. All kids started laughing at him.

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