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Xio's View from behind the scenes

Dahlia Martin: Okay I'll giveher this, she's pretty and she can sing but that's it. She's a freshman and really immature and kinda annoying. Sometimes we get along...other times I wanna murder her in a well. I think Dorien has a crush on her but its unconfirmed.

Logan Finlay: Logan is like a little brother to me. Ive known him since middle school. He a cute kid too. A junior this year. He's dating Molly Frizzell, a sophmore. She's also Jessica's friend but I like her more. Logan is very tall and lanky and goofy but sometimes goes on these manic power trips and rants, but if look past that he's actually a pretty cool kid.

Michael Danne: four words- Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Yea, and he doesn't take his medicine....joy. When he's calm and subdued he's pretty cool to be around but other than that we can't ever get anything done. He can funny at times but those times are short.

Erica Page: Erica is one of our principal dancers. She's cool funny. And a fellow senior. No bad reps surround her.. Good for her, that's hard to achieve at this school.

Alecca Mondecca: AKA The Original BADASS. This Chick is so awesome. She's a cheerleader but not the snobby kind I wanna throw down a well. She's loud and crazy and I love her1

Becky Spaire: Becky, Becky, Becky. Damn girl you really goofed up that whole "im not a whore" image you were going for. Don't get me wrong, She's a sweet girl and we're friends and all but she's a slippery one. She's got a mouth on her too. She performs with us but she's kinda awkward on stage and very stiff. The guys call her "camel toe" because well that's kinda self-explanatory.

Sophia Stakks: She's my cousin. Carries all the right family genes, She's gorgeous (like me), Fashionable (like me) and everyone loves her!! (like me ½ the time). She's funny and always has me laughing.

Destiny Whels: This girl is so beautiful and crazy. She's so much fun to be around. She's on the cheerleading team with Alecca. Together these too are no force to be reckoned with.

Trinity Maddox: This girl is all pep all the time. She's so tiny and she's always poppibn around everywhere. A little ball of energy this one is.

Conner West: Talk about take me now! This guy is so incredibly attractive. He's tall, a model, amazing voice, just perfect. Too bad he has a girlfriend right? Oh well, he's still a major hot hot hottie.



Well that's a lot of characters for now. More as the stories progress.

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