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A burned asylum.

Mass murder in New York.

Two connected cases.

Yeah. Detective Harrison was already starting to hate his night. 

"So what do you think we should do with this?" Aaron, his assistant of four years asked him from the couch in his office. He wasn't just Harrison's assistant, he was one of his best friends since college. In fact, when he first started out as a detective, Aaron was the one to jump up for the position of his assistant. He did his job well. He was brave, a little lost in the head like Harrison and hella talkative.

But today his poser was tensed, and he was wiping sweats from his forehead every once in a while. 

"I was thinking of taking this diary with me to you know, find some clues and shit," Harrison replied staring closely at Aaron. There was it again. The look of terror in Aaron's eyes. So it was safe to assume that he looked far away from agreeing with Harrison. Aaron visibly gulped at the look on Harrison's face which challenged him to say otherwise. Standing up from the couch, Aaron was quick to be on Harrison's side.

"OK. Fine. You're the detective. You take it. Not that my life matters or something." He said angrily handing Harrison the torn diary. Raising his eyebrows in question, Harrison only got a half-assed mumble.

"Don't be a chicken, Aaron." Harrison rolled his eyes when Aaron winced. "This isn't a normal case. Some mental patient just burned the whole asylum with people in it. She even threatened us. Nobody saw her running. She was keeping a diary means maybe she plans everything first. So I need this to know what she has agenda with." 

"I understand. I'll go for now. Can I come later to your house? Maybe discuss the case together?" He said changing the subject. Harrison knew there was a silent war raging inside Aaron's head but for his sake, he dropped it.

"Hey, I asked you a question?" Aaron waved his hand in front of Harrison's eyes which brought him back to what Aaron asked.

Shaking his head, Harrison opened his laptop to register in the agency. They'll want to know what did he found. "Sure, if you want to see an even bigger mess. Truth be told, I'm staying in the office for a couple of weeks other than home. After my sister left, I didn't want to stay there anymore, ya know. Bring back bad memories and all."

"OK. Then I'll see you in the office later." With an understanding nod, Aaron stormed out of the room. Just as he left, Harrison picked up the diary and started reading from where he left it. 

"Dear Samara,

We are graduating this year, bitch. Yes, finally senior year is almost over. But I miss you too much just like Lucas does. He doesn't show it but I once heard him say that he was going to propose you in our senior prom. I want to forget what happened but like every time I get a flash of your face painted in blood. So, I'll keep writing here until I can finally forgive myself. Thanks for saving my life, Samara.

Bitches for life..."

Harrison could barely hold his laughter as he read. This girl was an interesting character and he couldn't help but want to know more. So, he kept reading random pages of her life until he reached the time she was arrested for killing her boyfriend.

"Dear diary,

I can't bring myself to ignore this anymore. Thank heaven I got to keep you. I owe this to you, Samara. You'll be shocked to know that my life has changed drastically. We are all in college together and I thought that was supposed to be the most challenging part of my life. But then this happened. I am in parole for a few days from prison, surprise! I bet you are rolling over in your grave. I want to get out of this place. I didn't commit the murder. I can't. Can you believe I am capable of killing Zach out of all people? He was my first crush and love. I can't kill my own boyfriend no matter what people say. I loved him. The pain of losing him is still fresh when every day I've to hear taunting from the people around me. I didn't kill him, I swear on my life.

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