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Percy woke up panting, almost screaming. He stopped himself just in time.

He slowly sat up, his wounds making everything difficult and painful even if he had been healed a little before waking.

'It wouldn't be fun if you accidentally bled to death just because you couldn't move, would it?' Tartarus had said to him.

He made his way to the bathroom, silent tears falling down his cheeks for the agony. Half-healed stab wounds covered his thighs and shoulders, countless cuts adorned his abdomen and arms, whip wounds dripping with blood in his back. He shivered remembering the moment he was electrocuted and the movement hurt his broken ribs. It had been hard. Very hard. But he didn't scream. He was doing this for Nico, Leo and Annabeth, and he would do it a million times more if necessary.

Percy reached the bathroom after what felt like ages. He opened the water from the shower and tried to step in. Key word: tried. He fell to his knees just before the water touched him but he managed to call it to him anyway. He gritted his teeth as he felt his ribs unite again. The skin of his back then knit itself together and Percy closed his eyes, breathing heavily. The cuts closed, leaving behind gruesome scars. The stabs were the worst. They were poisoned so every time one started to heal, the poison that had already spread all around his body was pulled down to the leg and then fell outside. Have you ever felt a painful liquid being pulled through your body at a different rate than your blood? No? Well, it hurts.

He crawled inside the bathtub only with the energy that the water provided him with. He stayed there for about an hour, the water hitting his sore body at all times.

He'd have to get used to it.


Percy didn't come out of his room for the rest of the day.

Sometime around mid-day, Steve went to look for him. He knocked on the door and tried to enter when he didn't get any answer, probably thinking he just slept in.

Then his actions became frantic as he realized the door wouldn't open.

"Percy? Are you there? Is everything alright?" he got no answer. Percy wasn't in the mood to deal with suspicious mortals in that moment. "Percy? Percy?!" Steven banged on the door.

"Just go away" he shouted. "Please" his voice cracked. 'Shit'

"Percy! What happened?" the attepts to get in became even more. No reply came, though. Percy didn't trust himself to speak again, it would only make matters worse.

"Steve, what happens?" Natasha's voice was heard through the door.

"The door is locked, he won't let me in nor come out-" he was about to say something else but he was interrupted by Percy's voice.

"Oh, you only want me to come out?"

"Yes, now come" he said, still trying to force the door open.

"Ok. I'm gay" the attempts stopped all of a sudden. Percy smirked.

"Are you?" Steven asked, shocked.

"Focus" Natasha scolded him. "You know that's not what we meant! Come here so we can have lunch!"

"Nah, I'm not gay" he said, ignoring Natasha. "Bisexual... Maybe. Who knows? Who cares? I mean, I'm Greek and Greek gods are basically a pansexual bunch of poweful people so sexualities don't actually matter. But if you think about it it's actually sad. Before people didn't care -at least in Greece- and now everyone makes a big deal of it! I never came out to anyone but I also never told anyone I'm straight. No, but seriously, what's wrong with this generation? They're all like 'Hey! Feel free to be yourself! Self-love!' and then you say you're not cis-het and they go 'Oh, no. Not you. Go die!' I mean, what the actual Hades?" he took a breath. "And then there's the whole 'saving th world' campaign. They're like 'Save the turtles! Don't use plastic straws!' and then they go and use a plastic glass instead. The hypocrecy... Oh, and don't get me started with-" he stopped, grinning as he heard two pairs of footsteps walking away. Sometimes his ADHD was a blessing.

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