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Persephone's fists clenched with rage. They want a Queen, they will get one....the supreme Empress of Inferno.

"Who had send this message?"

Hades' asked in a gravely calm voice.... silence before the storm.


"COMMANDERS!" Eros' hands trembled with trepidation.

Nobody could have forgotten how the earth shattered when he was provoked. How the life withered with a single flick of his fingers.

Mortals, Celestial immortals, Gods, Goddess or anything abiding their lives with the boundless cosmos will be massacred mercilessly if they dare come in between his Persephone and him.

How he broke each illuminant ray of moon and cursed it to ink Darkness. How he tore apart the moon goddess's loyal beast- her wolf. She took his mate's happiness away, he took her's. Yes he killed her wolf.

Four demon soldiers came forward, their heads bowed.

"Take Lord Eros to the southern chambers."

"But N-no I need to go!" Eros wailed desperately.

Defiance and Provocation.

And the first time in the days she have spend with Hades, the smile which his lips were curled into was something that haunted people's nightmares.

"Leave him" the soldiers stepped back.

Hades whirled his two fingers once and the earth infront of Eros cracked opening up. The red molten magma flowing deep within. Eros stepped back with fright, his eyes widening.

Monstrous voices wailed beneath. Horrendous screams resonated in his ears and without warning a boney hand came up, it's flesh all gone, seizing Eros' foot in a bone crushing grip.

Inscrutable fear marred his face.


"Release him." Persephone's euphonious voice echoed and the bony hand released Eros without a delay.

The screams and wails stopped for the moment. Silence engulfed the Palace as Persephone walked down the stairs of the throne.

Standing in front of Eros her eyes cold and unforgiving who stared back at her with awe.

"They are my people..." Her jaw clenched tight "and King Hades is MY soulmate."

Her voice lowered a dark power radiating.

"I have seen your rituals. Your heinious practices, a girl would be sacrificed, her mate taken away, thrown like a doll in your dirty game to take my place. They are my people, God or not, if they harmed a single innocent soul I will rip off their heads."

She turned around, towards the doors leading outside the magnanimous chamber. Turning her head sightly her voice called.

"The King of Underworld is mine, his soul is mine, his body, his heart all is MINE. Touch him and next time we will be meeting in hell." And with that she walked out.

"Who has send you?" Hades eyes burned the man standing who couldn't raise his head to see the fury in those grey orbs. The majestic god will grant him death.


"Another lie and you shall be burned alive"

Eros gulped audibly. "Selene. A-and she informed all gods too."

The Lord of Lust was in a dilemma. The Queen of hell would have killed Selene if she knew her mate's past with her......does that meant she didn't knew?

Hades stood, his golden embellished black cloak trailing down behind him.

"Lord Hades? Your Queen knows about Selene.... dosen't she?"

"Escort him out and make sure he never returns." Hades' hard voice called as his frame exited the room.

She doesn't knows, she never will.

A reasons, A chain- A woman he loved, a woman he would was devoted to- Persephone. And another woman he didn't killed because of her- Selene.

Just like her mother Luna Astra and Alpha Damien, Persephone believed in the moon goddess, her strength when she was going through the evil traumas, the same bestowed upon her by the deity she worshipped.

She can't know that the belief which made her live was based on a lie. She would shatter and he won't let that happen. She wouldn't know....ever.

She wouldn't know her mother gave her up and her father ....her father tried to kill her. The same father whom Hades massacred the day he was released from the curse.


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