Kuroo x reader II

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Requested by FeniceFelicia XD


You have been dating Kuroo for 6 months. Both of you were really close.

You're a 1st year and in the same class with Lev.

Kuroo really hated the fact that you and Lev were childhood friends. Lev knew you much more than Kuroo.

Kuroo hated Lev more than anything at the moment.

He was jealous of Lev that he could spent time with you as much as him.

Almost everyday, Kuroo would see you hanging out with Lev.

He hated seeing both of you laughing together.

One day...

You came to visit Kuroo at his house. Both of you went inside Kuroo's room.

You sat on his bed while he laid down.

Both of you talked about everything and cuddled.

Suddenly, Lev texted you and you stopped talking to Kuroo and focused on your phone.

Kuroo stood up and took a peak at your phone.

He saw it was Lev and gave you an annoyed expression.

He snatched your phone away from you.

"Hey! Give it back!"

You tried to reach for your phone but you couldn't because of his damn long hands.

You were super pissed.

He pulled your body towards him and you ended falling on his tall body.

Then he trapped you with his super long legs.

"Oi! Let go!"


You were too tired to break free from him and at the eng you gave up.

You gave him a dead glare.

"You're mine and only mine. Don't go hanging out with Lev."

Then he smirks at you which caused you to blush a little.

'He's jealous?! Omg the great and handsome Kuroo is jealous!' You thought to yourself.

You formed a smirk on your face and he made a confused look on his face.

"Look who's jealous?"

You started teasing him.

He looked away from you and didn't blushed.


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