Untitled Part 15

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On Monday it was time for school again. I did my best to look good. My eyes had dark circles underneath it. So I borrowed my mum's concealer. For my outfit, I choose a black skinny jeans with a baggy yellow hoodie. It was more comfortable than fashionable.

At breakfast, I sat next to Andre, he told me Benji decided to have breakfast outside and drive with the car to school.

So the first time I saw him since was in school. He sat at the usual table when I entered the cafeteria. His face was pale and his gaze was drawn to the table after he looked at me briefly.

The only free seat was between him and Noen because Noen chooses to sit next to Chase. His attention flipped to Abby, which caused her to get super excited. It hurt me so bad when I heard him flirt with her. We just broke up two days ago, he said he loved me.

I started flirting with Noen too. He's a nice guy but not Benji. Still couldn't be bad to get some distraction.

Noen asked me to meet him behind the bleachers after school. I agreed. Honestly, I don't know if it's easier to stay close to Benji or away from him. It feels wrong when he isn't mine, no matter the distance between us.

When I saw Noen after school he held something behind his back. "Guess what shorty" "what?", I smiled confusedly. The taller one revealed what he's been hiding. It was a joint. I quickly grabbed it from him and started looking around in panic: "What are you crazy? We're still in school, what if we get caught?" His hands wrapped around my shoulders: "you need to relax, Jorgie, no one will come here. it's save, you know I would never get you in trouble on purpose."

Suspiciously I watched the older one lit the blunt and tagging a few drags. "Alright, I want too.", I announced and took the joint out of his hands. I took in a long drag, my throat becomes sore immediately after. I hold the smoke in as long as possible until there was a funny tingling on my tongue. As soon as I released the smoke I felt my body was covered with goosebumps. Everything felt lighter also I was a little bit dizzy. We smoked the rest together.

It was my first time smoking weed. The mood was good we laughed about nearly everything. "I'm so hungry.", we didn't stand anymore. Instead, we laid on the ground looking up to the sky. "That's sad I would get you something but I'm too lazy right now.", Noen said. I flipped over, so I could face him. "That's so sad. Maybe I will die out of hunger and it's your fault." We both started laughing. He sits up just a little bit and crashed his lips on mine.

Surprised I let out a little scream but it died as soon as I started to kiss back. His lips were dry and when he depends the kiss there was just too much saliva. Still, I continue. Glad to have a distraction. My mind was too foggy to think about consciences. "come over to my place", I pleaded. "sure". We got up and slowly walked to my home for what feels like five hours. In reality, it was a twenty-minute walk. I put my finger on my lips to sign him to be quiet. Together we walked in my room upstairs. As soon as I closed the door we kissed again.

I stumbled back on my bed pulling Noen on top of me. Still making out with him I couldn't realize the door was being opened. "what the fuck?"

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