Rise of the Mighty (Pt. 1)

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It was already nighttime and the boy went back to the front parking lot of his apartment complex after he took a regular stroll around the streets after he found out about his past and his true origins. When he read the book, he learned about the Grongi and their existence since the time of man began. But when he found out about Riku, he realized the dreams that he kept having every single day were memories of his forgotten past. He remembered that his real parents passed away in a sudden car accident after he had a little play date with some of his elementary school classmates. Ever since the funeral, he ran away until ended up being an orphan. But during the time there, he got lost at a small field trip he went to, and found the cave that sealed the Grongi away from society and where Riku's coffin was placed. When he found it, his touched the coffin and the symbol emitted a fiery aura and went inside of his body. But he did not only receive his power, but he also set those monstrosities free. When the Grongi were free, he remembered seeing reaching out to him to claim his life. But out of self defense, the boy willingly unleashed Kuuga's power and transformed into his Mighty Form. He gave a good fight, but was too overwhelmed by their numbers, and retreated. When he woke up, he was inside a room at an orphanage in Indonesia and the caretaker told him that he was found hiding in a plane and was very weak. But for many years, he came back to the same country where he's rightfully from and the country where his real history had begun.

Boy: (All in me...a lost legacy of a warrior for humanity's future.)

He then heard the sound a girl crying as he looked at her outside crying out with such sadness when the funeral of her dead father was being attended. At that one sight, the boy couldn't bear seeing the good people here in his home city being fallen into grieve and despair. It did not only filled with sorrow, but also hope. As he walked inside of his apartment, he looks at himself in the mirror and clenches his fists with a serious expression.

Boy: (I've kept myself from the truth for too long. I know who I really am. And I know what my real purpose. I am...Kuuga!)

With a fire burning within his heart, the boy shall take a stand against the Grongi and those that choose to destroy the good world that he lives in. He will not let anybody be affected by evil's wrath. For he will protect their lives and the expression that shows their positive soul. No matter the cost.

(Scene Change)

Inside of an office, the three main teachers of U.A. High were having a discussion of the major incident that had occurred yesterday.

Eraser Head: So you're saying that just from out of the blue, a certain creature just appeared on public grounds and there were certain causalities involving innocent people.

All Might: From the certain reports of yesterday, it is all we have.

Eraser Head: I see. And seriously? Unidentified Lifeforms? Can they even give a proper name to those freaks?

Gran Torino: But what really caught the authorities attention was that some eye witnesses have seen a strange armored person fighting that monster. And who they called an Unidentified Lifeform as well.

Eraser Head: (Calling it one as well?) So, are the other Heroes taking part in this sudden.

Gran Torino: Well, we have been called that this is a certain crisis if that Unidentified LIfeform is left running in the streets. The other Hero Groups have been alerted of this and have started searching for that monster as we speak.

All Might: But what about that Armored Warrior? Is that person an alley to us, or a threat?

Gran Torino: We don't know. But all we can do with now, is to watch, and see if this individual is with good...or evil.

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