X-Men, Male Reader Story idea/Teaser?

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"Hmph, what brings you here Charles Xavier?" Charles Xavier stood there, defeated, desperate in need of a final solution to end the current and future bloodshed on his fellow Mutants and Mutants worldwide or what was even left of Mutants on earth from humanity. In desperation, he had gone to depths of the realm known as 'Hell' to meet that man known by many names such as, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, The Devil, or more as his commonly know among mortals, Mephisto.

"As you can see, I have no where else to go. By now you may know that most of my people, us Mutants have been diminished to near extinction. I fear I have no other choice than to turn to you Mephisto. I'm willing to do nearly anything, no matter the cost to save my people." Charles looked at Mephisto straight into his eyes as he saw him smirking.

"Now please tell me Charles, why should I care, why should I help you and your mutantkind?" Charles sighed knowing he would have to bargain and convince the devil himself to help him with his cause.

"I didn't expect you to care or even give one tiny bit of interest in our cause. As I said, I came to you to find a solution to end the bloodshed of my people, no matter the cost."

"I see, I've never really cared that much for mortal matters, but I may have a solution to your problem" the mention of a solution instantly brought a sense of relief to Charles Xavier. "Come to me Charles, as I will explain what will happen. At that moment Charles carefully walked to Mephisto to hear his proposition.

"You know, I've always wondered how it would be like to have one of my own mettle with your kind, what kind of prowess and abilities they would possess. So I'm going to give it to you straight, I want you to create a life, give me a grandchild, someone that I can have as a pair of eyes on your mortal world, one that can be a protector of your world from the evil your kind calls humanity, also someone that would the downfall and destroyer to your precious earth and human and mutantkind alike. I'll introduce you to a daughter of mines, so you can have yourself an Archangel of some sort to protect your people. For that to happen, you know I'll have to take a soul from someone dear to you, you already know who don't you Charles? Haha.~" Charles was taking back by his proposition, him to to create a new life with a Demoness, a daughter of Mephisto to be more precise. He contemplated the proposition since he knew a soul would have to be taken, not just any soul, a soul that's from someone dear to Charles, that being the soul of his love, Moira MacTaggert, the geneticist, also the mutant with the ability to reincarnate with the memories of all her previous lives. Mephisto taking her soul and bringing her down to his pit of hell would be convenient since it would stop her from ever reincarnating or messing with his plans.

"I...I-I see. If that's what it takes for a better future for mutant kind. I guess I have no other choice to accept." Mephisto delighted with his response, asked Charles to come right next to him to proceed with the ritual.

"Before you start, I'm going to let you know, once the child has been conceived, I'll be sending you back in time before the turmoil and downfall of your kind has started. I will only give you some faint memories of our encounter and by that time, the child, your child will have grown to an adult, and it will be your duty to find him. You might be wondering why so late and not right away? Where would be the fun in that if I gave him to you right away haha. Just know, he'll have no memory of either of us or the connection he has to us both, so it's your duty to convince him to join your cause, and if you want, get to know him since he is going to be your son after all but that's all up to you. Let me not waste your time anymore so you can go ahead and proceed." Once he was finished, he pointed Charles to the room he was to enter. Once inside, he saw that the room was barely lit and the only thing that was giving the room light was the candles around the floor formed in a circular notion. As he walked closer, he saw what could only be the demoness, one of Mephisto daughter.

"Hmm~ what's with the scared emotion?~ shall we proceed? Or should I maybe change my appearance to something more comforting?~" once the demoness finished talking, she had changed to the appearance of Moira.

"Let's get to it dear~" they then proceeded with the ritual and that fateful night, the future protector of mutantkind and prince of the under world was born.

(Y/n) Xavier.

To be continued...?

Please let me know what you thought of this potential idea for a X-Men Male Reader book. I was thinking of having Charles Xavier make a deal with Mephisto since mutantkind is near extinction and the only way would be if Charles would to have a child with one of Mephisto's daughters, that being the reader who would be a protector for mutantkind and possibly be another cause for the fall of mutantkind if things don't go according to plans. Then Charles Xavier would be sent to the past with faint memory of the event and would have to find the reader.I've had this idea for awhile now but I don't know, I think this might be too ambitious for me. So I would love to hear your thoughts about this and maybe I could make an X-Men Male Reader book out of this idea.

For the pairing for the reader, I have a couple of people in mind but I would like to hear who y'all would like the reader to be paired with and why. And just to let y'all know, no harems at all. Just no lol.

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