You/Lena Luthor/ Kara and Alex Danvers - Godzilla Part 2

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Summary - Continuation of part 2

Prompt by: Rexburn12

Kara woke up to find 2/3 of her girlfriends to be missing. Lena was the only one in the room. If you could even count that. She was so focused on her tablet that she had no idea that Kara had woken up.

"Lena? Where's Alex and (y/n)?"

Startled by her sudden voice, Lena dropped her tablet.

"Oh. They just went to go get some coffee."

Her voice getting a little higher as she spoke. Lena had never been the best of liars when it came to her girlfriends.

"Where are they?"

Lena sighs and takes a seat besides Kara, taking her hand as she began to explain what happened.

"Long story short, (y/n) was hiding a secret from us as well. You know the monster the had appeared in Antartica but was lost when it arrived to one of the continents?"

Kara nodded remembering how every news station had covered what was going on.

"Well it turns out that it's (y/n). She can change into a human form. It's why no one has been able to find her. Once Alex heard about it, the two of them had the craziest idea of going out there and taking down the aliens."

Hearing this, Kara sped out of the bed to change back into her tattered suit.

"Kara, you can't go out like this. You're still healing."

"I'm not staying here and do nothing while both of my idiot girlfriends risk their lives."

Lena knew there was no stopping Kara once she set her mind to something.

"Here. I made this for you. I was going to give it to you when you healed 100% but it looks like you won't be waiting. It'll shield you from any kryptonite blasts and in case of you losing your powers, the suit will activate solar rays inside it."

Kara kissed Lena. Showing how much she appreciated her gift.

"Thank you, Lena. Lets partner up. Alex has (y/n). I have you. With the four of us combined, we should be able to stop these aliens."

Kara flew out of the window, leaving Lena in the hospital bed. Lena rushed to where Alex was to help guide Kara as well. She kept updating her about what was going on as Kara rushed to the center of the battle.

You stood in the middle of it all. You looked up to watch as various heroes from all over the world came over to help stop the aliens. You were hesitant about transforming but there was no other choice. You closed your eyes and let your true form consume you.

"I have become the beast!"

You opened your eyes to find everyone starring at you. What surprised you the most was Kara flying in front of you. There was no way to communicate with her so you just gave her a simple nod as you fought beside her.

These aliens were nothing like you had ever seen before. They obviously had technology more advanced than any technology on earth so it was difficult taking them down. You and Kara were naturals at fighting together that within the hour, the two of you had taken 1/3 of their force. The other heroes took notice of your team up and began to help instead of just watching to see if you would turn against them.

It took the whole day for you to take them all down. You were exhausted that as soon as the last alien ship crashed down, you passed out, taking your human form as well.

Kara rushed down to you. Wrapping you up in her cape as she flew you to the DEO where Alex and Lena were waiting at the medbay to make sure that you were okay.

Kara let herself be pulled into a tight hug by Lena as she tried to calm down.

"She's strong Kara. She'll be okay. I'm sure she just needs to rest."

"Indeed she does. She hasn't used her other form in so long that this transformation took too much of her strength. She'll wake up when she's well rested. Now lets go get you checked Kara."

Kara shook her head against Lena's chest. Not wanting to leave you alone.

"Maybe you can bring in another bed to check her. They've both been through hell. We all deserve to spend some time together."

Alex brought over another bed to place it besides yours so Kara could recharge as they all waited for you to wake up.

It took a couple of hours before you woke up with a groan, trying to cover the sun that had woken you up. You couldn't help but laugh when you noticed it was dark and the culprit for waking you up was Kara and her sun bed.

"She's awake."

Kara pulled you in for a kiss before Lena or Alex beat her.

You happily returned their kiss. Letting out a content sigh as you looked down at the three of them.

"I know I should have told you all about what I truly was but I was scared."

Lena sat besides you, pulling you into a side hug as you cuddled closer to her.

"Shh. We understand why you did it. We love you and we're just glad that there's no more secrets. Right?"

She asked while looking at Alex and Kara.


Alex began as she suddenly remembered the fur ball that was currently waiting at their apartment. She had gotten it as a surprise for Kara after the accident that had occurred.


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