Chapter 12

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I hear a faint knock and I run to the closet in my bedroom. As I open the door to the closet my cloths are being pushed aside and my husband is now standing in front of me with his signature sexy smirk. I have no idea what came over me but the next thing I know I'm lunging at him and smashing my lips to his. I pull away only long enough to breath and go right back to kissing until I'm stopped by Vincenzo himself. "My love, trust me when I say I want to kiss you so bad also.... hell I want to do way more then that but we should probably talk. I'm saying this cause that is what your going to say. I'll get all hot and bothered and your going to put the brakes on saying we need to talk so let's do this before I lose control." he explains.

I turn and walk back into my room. Once there I pick up the phone and call the main house. Vincenzo watches my every move. "Good Evening Mrs. Roberta." I begin my conversation with the head of house staff who is like a grandmother to me. Vincenzo watches with a look of shock on his face as if I'm going to eat him out. He begins to the door when I answer on the phone. "I'm just calling to let you know that I will be watching some scary movies tonight so if the guards hear screaming not to be alerted and I don't want checked up on..... oh and Mrs Roberta do you know how you were telling me about the feelings I can get at this stage of my pregnancy that the Doctor was talking about you know with umm..... how do I put this with ...... lust ....yes that was it well I'm going to take your advice and well ..... anyhow can you have the guards pulled further away but without having to tell them or Grand father why cause it's embarrassing?" I talk to her on the phone as I see Vincenzo turn and look at me with amazement. "Yes...yes... honestly probably all night... and can you please talk Grandfather into a meeting with Vincenzo tomorrow afternoon I don't know why but I do miss him so..... thank you ...yes I'll try have a good evening." I say an change up.

After hanging up I walk to the window. as I walk I can feel his eyes on me but he says nothing. Then the phone rings. I walk back over and pick it up. "Hello Grandfater.... yes... I'd like them pulled way back.... I don't know I'm feeling overwhelmed..... I understand that it is for my protection but please just go back to normal perimeters..... thank you.....yes I know where the panic room is and button is just in case.... oh and Grandfather will you please meet with Vincenzo.... yes I know ......yes I'm hurt ..... but I miss him..... yes the heart does.... thank you ..... good night." I say and hang up and begin to move towards him. Vincenzo's phone starts to ring. "This better be an emergency." He growls to someone on the phone. "Mr. DeLawncray hello I wondered if I'd hear from you." he says calmly. "Yes tomorrow at noon for lunch...yes I can make that.... I'll see you then have a good evening." he says with a smile.

I walk back to the window and watch the guards retreat back so they are not in and ear shot of the house and I can scream forever and they will not hear. I undo my pale blue robe as I walk to the bed. Turning I let it fall and lay down on the bed. "Now Mr. Montevello you have free rein to do as you please.... so tell me Vincenzo what do you please?" I say in a husky voice. "The only thing I want is you. Your mind, body, and soul..... but at this moment I want to taste every inch of that beautiful body. I want to hear you scream." he says as he walks towards me while he slowly talks of his coat and then his tie. Soon once he hits the bed he pulls his shirt off and undoes his pants. "Are you ready my love?" he says. I do the only thing I can do at this moment and nodded yes.

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