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So I got tagged in something yay! :3 Here's this wonderful person's profile:
Is this what people on Wattpad say when promoting someone? ;D Eh, anyways let's get to this shit.. >:3
Also feel free to tag me in things guys I don't mind. ;w;

1) Pansexual2) I go by she/her, but sometimes I wish that I didn't label myself

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1) Pansexual
2) I go by she/her, but sometimes I wish that I didn't label myself.. Also, GENDER ROLES SUCK!! uwu
3) I guess, my bestfreind got a girlfriend so I'm happy for her!!❤ But now we can't be single pringles together anymore.. ;-;
4) Madeon ft Sam Smith- La Lune
5) Very ugly dirty blonde. 😎
6) Virgo ♍
7) My cat... ;p
8) Blue/Black 💙🖤
10) 63% ;v
11) Sabrina Carpenter, Zendaya, do the Dolan Twins count..? xD
12) Asparagus.. ;-; Don't judge me it's good..🤤
13) An ugly grey/dark blue color.. ;v;
14) 5 1/2 in women's. ^-^
15) Animator, animal rescuer, or a vet idk...😅🥰

Oof well now you know more about me! I don't know 20 people so I'm gonna give myself a pass and skip the tagging thingy...
Bai! Thanks for tagging me! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 uwu

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