Our Life Together Begins Here!

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(Hey guys! Here's another chapter! Sorry for making you guys mad. Haha Sorry not sorry? Anyways I hope you have a good laugh while reading this chapter !!! )

Seulgi and Yeri left Irene's room to grab some coffee.

"I'm surprised Irene unnie hasn't woken up yet. She must be tired" said Yeri who was being pushed by Seulgi.
"She is, plus once she wakes up she's gonna be acting silly cause of the anesthesia!" Seulgi laughed.
"That would be funny! Hahaha!! You should record her unnie!"
"I should huh? Let's go back to her room. She's probably awake by now" Seulgi suggested.

As they headed back to Irene's room, Seulgi's room started ringing.

"Hey Seulgi, it's me Jennie!"
"Oh hey Jennie, What's up?"
"Is Irene allowed to have visitors?"
"Yeah of course! Planning to come?"
"Is it okay? The girls and I have been wanting to visit but we got stuck with a ton of paperwork"
"You should definitely come!"
"Okay! We'll be there in a couple hours!"
"Take your time!"

The door to the elevator opens. One of the nurses was waiting for the two.

"Ms. Kang?"
"You're wife is awake!"

Seulgi and Yeri looked at each other and rushed to the room.

"Irene?" Seulgi called.

Irene can barely open her eyes. As she tried to find the person calling her name, her eyes finally met Seulgi's.

"Hi there!" Seulgi smiled.
"Hi, Are you my nurse?" Irene asked.

Seulgi looked at Yeri and giggled.

"Hi my name is nurse Kang!" said Seulgi.

Yeri slowly pulled out her phone to record the two.

"Is there anything you need?" Seulgi asked.
"Can I get your number?" Irene winked

Yeri snorted causing Seulgi to laugh.

"Are you single?" Irene flirted.
"No, I'm happily taken!"
"Fuck! Really????"
"Yeah I'm sorry!"
"Have you ever cheated?"
"Wait what...?" Seulgi looked at Yeri weirdly.
"Come on! People do it all the time!!!"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah I won't tell. I promise!!"
"Nah I'm good. I love my wife, well... fiancé. We're getting married" Seulgi showed her ring.
"Who the lucky fiancé?"

Seulgi took out her phone and showed a picture of both of them together.

Seulgi took out her phone and showed a picture of both of them together

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"Woah!! She's gorgeous!"
"She is huh?"
"Very lucky!!!!" Irene claps.

Seulgi pulled out a mirror that was inside the side table and faced it to Irene.

"Woah who's that full course meal?!?!"

Both Seulgi and Yeri started laughing even louder.

"WHAT A MINUTE!!! I'M YOUR FIANCÉ!!!!!" said Irene who was completely shocked.
"Wait you and I are getting married?!?!"
"Yup! You're all mine!"
"Then would that mean that cheating with you wouldn't make sense since you and I are together?!?"
"I guess so"
"OKAY THATS ENOUGH!!!!" Seulgi immediately covered Irene's mouth and asked Yeri to stop recording.

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