I feel like I'm drowning

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I wake up to my alarm blaring and extremely sore muscles. After the win yesterday the team went out partying at a club, we all went a little mad on the consumption of alcohol and to say I woke up with a headache is an understatement. I groan as I stand up from my bed and I head into the bathroom to grab some pills. Once I get in there and look in the mirror notice a large bruise on my left eye.

"What the," I say confused, I touch my eye and feel no pain so I instantly know it was from my soulmate. Whenever these things happen I can't help but worry for my soulmate, I have no clue if they are okay or what happened. I always assume the worst and they probably do when it comes to me as well. I let out a deep sigh and carry on getting some painkillers out, I head to the kitchen and make myself a quick breakfast while doing some more investment online.

Instead of getting a job I just invest the fortune my parents left me into different companies and businesses. I've just invested £250K into this local business, I have a good feeling that they are going to make it big in a couple of years. They gave me 30% of the shares which means that whatever money they make I get 30% of it all. I have been doing this for the past 5 years, investing all around the world. Most of them are based in America but I have a few in places like China, Brazil, Germany and Australia. I close down my laptop and check my phone for any messages, I see I have one from Amy.

Congrats on the win
yesterday! Watched it
with my roommate. Are
you still good to take me

Thanks Amy, I have your
medal waiting. And yes,
should I pick you up at

12 sounds good, thanks

I put my phone down and hop into the shower before I pick up Amy to take her to the airport. She leaves today to start at Stanford, I'm super excited for her to play soccer at college and I know she's going to love it there. Once I'm showered I change into some ripped jeans and my favourite guns and roses t-shirt.

I collect my wallet and phone before grabbing my keys and heading out the door, I climb into my range rover and head to Amy's campus building

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I collect my wallet and phone before grabbing my keys and heading out the door, I climb into my range rover and head to Amy's campus building. My phone is connected to the aux and I can't help but bob along to the song on shuffle. Recently my mood has been a lot better, I've found myself a lot happier and willing to do things with people, I don't feel as isolated anymore. Once I arrive I park the car and start walking to Amy's room, just like last time I get constant whispers and points, more people actually. I don't let it get to me and just carry on walking, I make it to Amy's room and I knock on the door.

"Hey Hayley, Amy is just grabbing her stuff she'll be ready in a few secs" Her roommate, who I've learnt is called Kate, says from the room. I send her a grateful smile and step into their place, Amy is frantically running around the place gathering stuff up.

"Amy slow down" I sign to her chuckling, she just gives me an exaggerated look of horror.

"Slow down! I can't, we are going to be late it's already gone past 12 Hayley, how are you so calm!" Amy practically shouts at me, I can't help but laugh a little.

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