a big mistake

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"Took y'all a long time"
"Right, very long time" Malika said.
"Yea watever but I got one question"
"What Nip?" Cassie asked.
"Where the fuck were y'all when he was in her face trying to kiss ?"
"Hussle leave it alone" I laughed.
"How you went up stairs mad as hell but now you happy in shit Nip?" OT asked.
"Babe you're being messy" Malika said.
"Aye Im just saying they were up there for a long time" Ot laughed.
"OT do you ever mind your business?"
"Im out before its gang up on OT day"
"We behind you anyway" Khadijah yelled
"Alright bye y'all"
One by one they all left, Except Nipsey and I didn't mind. I closed the door and locked it, When I turned around Nip was sitting there just staring.
"What are you looking at?"
"I cant look at you?"
"if you're not going to say anything then no"
"Dang maybe I think you fine as fucc"
"You do.. you said it"
"Who the fuc you talking to?"
"Boy don't act"
"Man come on"
"Where we going Hussle?"
"Cuz you coming with me"
"That's not answering my question"
"Man to meet my fam"
"Hussle really? You just told me this about 10 minutes ago. Lets do this over the weekend or something"
"Come on"
"Im not playing with you, no!"
"Man ight, Saturday you wit me tho"

*Ding Dong*

"Who is it?"
"Nae. Open the door"
I cracked open the door and peeked my head out trying to get under her skin before I actually let her in. "Always showing up uninvited" I laughed.
"Because I can, what you doing?"
"Nothing minding my business"
"Bitch let me in"
Nae loud mouth ass walked in looking around like she knows something. "Wheres my son?"
"Still over there, everybody over there"
"Who is everybody?"
"Tasha them"
"Oh I'll pass"
"Right thats why I'm here" Tasha was a cousin who I really didn't get along with growing up. We never squashed our issues and honestly it really wasn't a issue on my end.
"Aye Im finna head out, Ima call you.. Oh wassup Nae" Nipsey said coming from around the corner.
"Oop.. I didn't know you was here, Hey Nipsey"
"You gone walk me out?" Nipsey said holding my waist trying to get by.
"Sure Hussle"
I walked outside and he followed behind me.
He smacked my ass, "Them little ass shorts don't wear them out".
"Okay see you later Hussle"
"That's all I get?"
   I looked up at him and he leaned in for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I can feel his hands travel to my ass and he began to grip it tight. Our mouths both moving in sync as I let his tongue enter mine. He then tilted my head and started to kiss on my neck.  "Okay Hussle thats enough"
"My bad see you later baby"

  We were heading to my moms house to get Kameron. But I just kept thinking, I am happy, it was like this man really could be the "love of my life". Despite our few little arguments but I mean we just getting started and Im sure its going to be lots of bump in the roads but we cant let anything just come between us. "Should I go in? Or you gone bring him out?" I asked Nae pulling up to moms house.
"Boog come on, If I go in.. you got to"
  We got out the car then walked in. I really hope this girl don't say anything to me out the way, everytime we saw each other it was a argument about nothing. "MOMMMY" Kameron ran up to me. "I missed you babyy",
"I haven't seen you in a long time since you were pregnant" My aunt Tina said.
"Hey auntie"
"Are you back around or are you distancing yourself from us again?" Tasha said.
"She been around us, she just not around when y'all are" Nae laughed.
"Right, it was nice seeing yall though" I said.
   This was like a routine, I don't think anything can resolve whatever the issue is unless we all sit down and talk about it. Before tension start to spread in the air my mom quickly changed the subject.
"Did you in your boyfriend talk about earlier?"
"Yes mom"
"He was at her house to"
"Nae shutup damn"
"Sorry I had to let it be known"
"So when we gone meet him?"
"We were actually talking about the earlier, I have to set something up"
"Who the Boyfriend Niece?" my aunt asked.
"Nipsey Hussle" My mom said.
  Her saying "Nipsey Hussle" made it weird because he's also in the industry so its like.. Oh wow Nipsey Hussles your "boyfriend" it doesn't sound believable even though it does sound believable. It's just everybody knows him so its not a really you gotta "find out" about him unless you want the REAL HIM and not what the people portray him as.
"Oh that Crip dude who rap?"
"He's not just a gang banger who raps" Nae said.
"Oh I got to see this" Tasha said
"You don't gotta be here to meet him Nosey" I said.
"So when will we ? " my mom asked
"I'll let y'all know, come on Kam"
Nipsey POV

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