Voting is CLOSED for Fangs Out

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The Bloodbath has ended!
This is it, folks! The armies were assembled and battles were had vampire style.

Now I'll tabulate the votes and post the final scores October 1.

Voting is simple. Using an inline comment next to the author, comment with Up or Down. An Up vote adds a point. A Down vote removes a point.

There is no limit to the number of times you can vote, so feel free to show your support by either boosting your allies or sinking the competition.

Voting ends this weekend, so no time to lose!

The Eternal Bloodlines: Shattered Reflections by Bellafrost1617

Nothing is Eternal by WinterSleep85

Unless by Nodaortiz

Carnivorous Cupid by Stephrose1201

Fear the Hunted by JinnNelson

Dog Days by Crimson_Graves

Silent Hill: Angel by Ellen_Reese

Immortally Beloved by JadedElegance

Zombie Soap by Kaiddance

Persephone by ESHurricane

Wolf and Witch by HicksScribbles

Under My Skin by bioshock2013

Devilish Intimacy by ivy475

As the Crow Flies by Simply_Hiraeth

Feathers, Scales, and Magic by ellyriahighwind

Loaded Guns and Broken Fences by HicksScribbles

Ignis by laaazybones

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