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Xio's View from behind the scenes

Hey There!! My name's Xiomara or Xio for short. This Is my view of everything That happens behind the scenes. So here goes nothing.

My life has pretty crazy since I came to Alinea High. The shows, the drama, THE BOYS. (Capitalized to show emphasis).

But me and My girl Jinxera (Jinx for short) Somehow make it thru each day. Now we're seniors. Oh and With the help of some pretty awesome people. And just for future references, here's a list of everyone. =)

Jinxera Flatts: Aka my girl for life!! We share everything and been thru everything together. Ans also co-writer of the accompaning story "Behind the Scenes".

Dante Kilner: Me and this kidgo way back, about 9 years to be exact. We've been thru so much. Ups and downs. Good times and bad. We're both seniors now and He's also my ex. We dated for a short time Until he broke up with me. That was Junior year. And I still kinda have feelings for him...and I think he still has feelings for me too....but more about that later. But as of right now he's dating Jessica Young And has been for 9 months. Me and Dante have decided we are going to "try" to be friends for now.

Jessica Young: Dante's Girlfriend of 9 months and he's her first boyfriend. She's a sophmoreSo she lets him get away with everything. She's really naive if you ask me, but nobody has so yea. She has no idea what kind of person he loving perfect boyfriend really is.

Aiden Watson: Speaking of young and naïve, we have Aiden AKA my designated Freshman. See, at Alinea we have this thing where seniors "claim" a freshman to kinda take them under their wing and teach them the ropes of high school and to make sure they make it thru with minimal damage. Aiden was mine from start. Ever since I saw him audition for the fine arts program last year. And it's a major plus that he's absolutely friggin adorable!! He's got a nice build, he's blonde, he's got electric blue eyes that are so deep you can get lost very easily. His singing is amazing and his dancing makes me smile. I guess I Haven't been such a good senior. I was supposed to keep him away from the bad nuggets....not take his virginity. Yea Ill explain how that happened later. I mean come on, he's attractive. Call me a cougar, do whatever But I definitely wouldn't hesitate to do it again. One problem, me and Aiden no longer speak to each. He won't answer my texts or speak to me in school. Sigh, I hate the tension. We used to be so close.

Eric Weiss: I used to be close to a lot of people but sex just makes things complicated. That's exactly what happened with me and Eric. Eric was a senior last year and the all around pretty boy. Polo and Hollister. Eyes that changed from blue to green. A sexy smile that he always wore. A a jaw line that could cut glass! Let's just say, this boy could pretty much get what ever he wanted. So it really wasn't much of a surprise to me when he took my virginity. We didn't talk much after that incident, tho somehow he got me to do it again. I guess that's the only thing he's good for because after 3 years he was a terrible friend.

Dorien Waters: Now this kid is straight out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. He's got shaggy strawberry blonde hair with baby blue eyes. He's got the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen. He's a sophmore. He was a really quiet freshman but since then he's really came out of his shell. This boy has got some mad style too. Always dressed to impress....the ladies that is. Oh buddy, is he ever the lady killer. I just don't want him to go down the "Weiss" road.....


Well that's a lot of characters for now. More to come.

Leave me love and comments please!!

XOXO -Xio ;p

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