Chapter 33

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She standing in her doorway with her towel around her and on her head

She smiles as I put my briefs on
She does this little stomping motion as she walks in
"What are you doing?" I asked

"Supreme" She said walking to her dresser
"Huh?" I said
"Your underwear you bozo" she said
"Oh yea what about them?" I asked

"Oh nothing they just look nice on you" she said
"Oh? Those towels look nice on you, especially the Billie eilish one around your body" I said smirking
"Damn she's so hot" I said

She turns around and smirks
"Where'd you get that anyways?" I asked
"A fan made it and gave it to me at a meet and greet" she said turning back around

"You know who's hotter than Billie though?" She said
"Billie O'Connell" I said

She giggled
"7:amp" She said smirking over her shoulder
"Nah I disagree but 7:amp and Billie eilish, they'd be cute together" I said

"I agree, they'd make a nice ass mixed baby" she said
"Yea they should get married one day and have like 5 kids and a horse" she said
"Yea? You think so?" I asked

"Mhmmp" She said dropping her towel
"Billie?" I asked
"Yeah?" She said putting on a pair of shorts
"Do you really want that?" I asked
"What?" She asked

"A family" I said
"Yea, well not like right now I'm still young but hopefully when I'm like 23,25 yea I want that" she said

I laid there watching her get dressed as I was taking in what she said

"My legs really hurt by the way" she said throwing on one of my t shirts
"How the fuck did you get that?" I asked
She smirked and hopped on to the bed

"Wait at least tell me how long you've had it for" I said as she lays in my arms
"Mmmm, like 5 months" she said
"5 months!?" I yelled

"Bruh you got sticky hands huh?" I laughed
"I wanted it you wore this one all the time and then just stopped" she said
"So I thought you like forgot about it" she said
"It still smells like you" she said

"You always say I smell like shit though" I said looking at her
"You smell like shit when you smell like weed" she said looking in my eyes
"You didn't bring that with you on your i hope" I asked

She just grinned as she laid next to me placing her hand on my chest

"Your chest is so warm" she said
"So is yours" I said
"No but like yours is like warm warm" She said
"That's the most random thing but okay" I said

"So is 2020 still a thing?" She asked

I paused and looked at her
I grabbed her thigh and pulled it onto me

"If you want it to be" I said
She smiled
"Yes I do" she said

"Take in, your mom walked in on my fingering you" I said
"Ew shut up" she said hitting me
"What am I wrong?" I laughed

"No but your wrong for bringing that shit up" she said
I laughed
He laid there as her playlist continued to play

"You know what I find so funny" I said
"What?" She asked
"People are so convinced that you are dominant" I said
"Why do you think these things?" She asked
"It's all over Instagram and shit, ha ha you being a top? Nah that's not it" I said

"Instagram? Huh so you've still been keeping up to date with fans and me huh?" She asked
"Yea and I'm not afraid to say that" I said
"But I still can't get over that, Billie is a top" I laughed
"Hey shut the fuck up you never know maybe I'll choke you and man handle you like you do to me" she said

"Nah don't do that" I said
"Why?" She asked
"That's weird, you choking me? Nah you always lay there just taking it. You like to be pleased and I can't see you being a pleaser" I said
"Well I mean you do please me, and you give some amazing ass head but I can't see you like taking control" I said looking at her

"Hmm me either to be honest. But if I was fucking a girl I'd be dominant" she said

"What time is it?" She asked
I grab my phone and my screen turns on
"3:24am" I said putting my phone back down
"Wait" she says

"What?" I asked
"Let me see your phone" she said
I hand her my phone no questions asked

"It's still me" she says
"Yea.." I said
"Baby..." she says
"No one has my phone though so no one would know" I said

She blushed and laid completely on top of me

I feel her body shake and I hug her with a confused look on my face

I hear her sniffle

"Aye mama" I said
"Mami why you cryin?" I asked
She lifts her head up
"Because of you" She said
"Why do you gotta be so cute" she asked shoving her face back into my shoulder

"I missed your ass so much" she said really muffled
"I was getting so sick of this fame shit, and you weren't there anymore" she said
"I felt like you hated me, and all I wanted was a stupid ass moment like this" she said lifting her head back up

"Holy shit Que I feel like myself when I'm with you" she said
"Look at your face" she sits up holding me face

"God your so-"
"Your so beautiful " I interrupted her

She smiled
"Don't you have like an interview or sum tomorrow?" I asked
"No" she said
"Actually?" I asked
"Ya" She said smiling

"Then whatchu doing?" I asked
"Well I mean that's up to you really" she said
I smile at her
"so whatever i'm doing you'll chill?"

"yea" she said
"Ok well me, Prince and this random we're gonna go to laser tag" I said
"So I'm going to go to laser tag?" She asked

"If you want yea" I said smiling

We laid there as her phone died causing the music to stop

"It's quite" I said
I felt her head nod and watched her play with the chains on my neck as she then scratches my chest lightly

I watched her body move up and down from her breathing
I lifted my left hand and brushed my hand through her hair

I felt so peaceful, like nothing matter at this very moment.

"Baby" Billie said softly
"Yea mama" I asked

She didn't say anything

"What is it?" I asked
"I just wanted to see if you were awake" she said
"Hm" I made a noise cause I was getting tired

"I never realized how beautiful brown eyes are until I fell in love with them" she said

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